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But , with the movement got divided with Kejriwal deciding to form a separate political party and fight elections to raise to power and bring an end to corruption. Anna continued his way of non-involvement in politics and refused to join Kejriwal in the formation of the party.

Anna Hazarre also expressed his concern that politics had divided the group stood united for two years against the attempts of the UPA government to split it. Anna has been in social service for 20 years and always wants to work like a civilian. Kejriwal was/is of the opinion that the existing parties in power as well as opposition are equally a part of this corrupt system and hence there is a need to form a political group which is based on honesty. He thus decided to form a political party and take the movement of anti-corruption in a new direction. Although Kejriwal insisted on Anna to join him and join the political front to take the movement forward, yet Anna declined his offer and continues to carry the movement in the same way and keep is sacred. Anna is of the view that politics cannot deliver a better future for people. He believes that instead of forming a party or participating in elections, it is important to try and give an alternative to people as they are the ones to bring the changes in power.

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They must be awakened to achieve the objective. He insists on sending the men of character to contest election and raising them to power so as to strengthen the fight against corruption. Anna thinks that his struggle is not his alone but that of the people of this country, and so will be his victory or defeat in this motive. With the disbanding of Team Anna, the ruling parties have become opportunists to try and associate Anna with some political power in upcoming elections. Some key core committee members have expressed their concern saying that the split was done without their consent or prior discussions.

It came as a total surprise for them when they learnt the same day that they won’t work together through the media. Although Anna has clearly stated that the Team Anna or its core committee will seize to exist now, yet he is expecting more than 4000 activists to join the anti-corruption agitation with a national and social perspective. He wants the agitation to grow to a large scale and become an effective movement bringing positive results and not just remain limited to the scale of perusal of complaints and justice for few people.


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