Identify it allows us to communicate to a

Identify the tools you use to plan
your own work and explain what you use them for.Careful
planning is critical to my ability to get things done: planning, organisation
and action. These enable me to capture and record everything which I need to
action. I review these at least once a day to identify my priorities. I always
aim to focus on tasks which have deadlines attached to them and also tasks
which will achieve the most in the shortest space of time. Less important tasks
I will either postpone, delegate or, if I am unable to clearly identify the
benefits, remove from the list completely.  Describe the techniques you use to
plan your work in order to meet agreed deadlines.The
techniques that I use to meet deadlines are making a commitment so that you are
focused on completing it. Make sure to take your overall task and then cut it
down so you can see the steps you need to take in order to achieve it.  I prioritise the work I need to get done for
the deadline instead of doing other tasks etc.  Identify four ways you may be distracted
from the task you are doing, suggesting a      possible way to minimise each.The
four ways that I may be distracted from the task I am doing are by personal
technology, email, social media and gossip. Personal technology- This
is a distraction as we now receive work emails and phone calls on the same device
and also download apps and go on them. To minimise the distraction I could put
it away for a certain time during the day so that I can focus on a particular
piece of work. Email- This
is a distraction because many of the emails in our inboxes
are not particularly important. However, we often feel the need to look at them
as soon as they arrive. To minimise the distraction I could turn off the alert
that appears on the computer screen when I receive an email, and check and
respond to messages at set times of the day.  Social Media- This
is a distraction because it allows us to communicate to a large number of
people, view images and watch videos.  It
can also be a productivity killer, taking our attention away from work tasks
and breaking our concentration. To minimise the distraction I could track how
long I use social media in a week, and give myself a time slot that I can use
it in. The work environment-
This is a distraction because the people around you are communicating with
colleagues/friends and are loud. This stops you from paying attention to your
task. To minimise this distraction you could wear noise cancelling headphones
so that you can focus on you work.


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