The teachers, great ‘policemen’, great judges, great

The woman in India , had in the past, and has today, a very high place in society and in the family. Woman in Egypt, Rome or Greece was held as a commodity which could be bought or sold at the will of the possessors. The Indian woman is a symbol of nobility; nobility in joy, nobility in sorrow, nobility in love, nobility in hate, nobility in service, nobility in submission, nobility in bearing pain, nobility in life, and nobility in death. She is noble first and noble last. The woman of India is an ideal not an idol. The woman in India is an Ideal mother, an ideal sister, an ideal wife, an ideal daughter and an ideal womanhood in the world. The woman in India are better placed in society, but inspite of and irrespective of, the fluctuations in her status in the society, her ideal has not changed.

India has produced great women, not one or two of them, but a whole horde of them; to quote a few of them-Sita, Meera, Laxmi Bai of Jhansi, Razia Sultana, Panna, Noor Jehan, Kasturba, Durga Bhabhi, Lata Mangeshkar, Mother Teressa; and many more. India has produced women saints, stafesmen, soldiers, and politicians. Our women are great saints, great queens, great teachers, great ‘policemen’, great judges, great administrators, great lawyers, great philosophers, great artists-dancers, painters, musicians. Our country bows to her mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and goddesses, who have upheld the banner of her (India’s) ideal womanhood ‘flying high’.

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