ICFAI scholar program overseas.Notwithstanding the full-time Ph.D. program,

ICFAI Business School (IBS)- Hyderabad is a constituent of the ICFAIFoundation for Higher Education (IFHE), a Deemed University according to theUGC Act 1956. Set up in 1985, IBS Hyderabad is a standout amongst otherbusiness colleges in India.

It has been positioned number 12 in the nation byHindustan Times in an analysis directed in 2012. The business college isproclaimed to be an esteemed college under Section 3 of UGC Act 1956. The majorcourses offered at IBS-Hyderabad are MBA being the lead program, PhD and BBA.It conducts one of the biggest MBA programs in Asia with a student admissioncount of around 1100. It has around 60 students in Ph.D. program and more than500 in the BBA. It has MoUs with fifteen academies in USA, UK, Australia, andMalaysia, which empower its Ph.

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D. students to take part in a 9-month visitorscholar program overseas.Notwithstanding the full-time Ph.D. program, they havehalf time Ph.D.

program that encourages the working administrators accomplishtheir doctoral ambition. The scholarly units of IBS-Hyderabad are sorted outaround five areas: finance and accounting, marketing and strategy, economics,operations and IT, and human resources and soft skills.The staff pool atIBS-Hyderabad is extraordinary mix of individuals from the business and thescholarly world with greater part having PhDs. There have around 170 employeesin the business school presently.The instructors have published over the mostrecent three years around 300 articles in International and National journalismthe most recent three years. The Case Research Centre of the school createsbusiness cases on a normal of more than 100 cases for every year, which arebeing utilized widely to teach around the world. The Case Research Centre ofthe school gives freedom to professors in interfacing with industry.

IBS-Hyderabad underlines student driven learning upheld by consistentassessment and evaluation.It broadly concentrates on case analysis basedtraining for the MBA program. Case analysis enable learners to step into theshoes of the decision maker and manage issues which are usually dealt bydirectors. The students experience around 500 national and global case analysisincluding those from Harvard Business School.


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