I all the struggles that I have

I am sure you can do it . those wasmy words that I was (and is ) telling to your mother every day till reachingthe time of getting you out of her peaceful womb. Those words took a long timeto be said. Those words have a very cruel background. When I was ateenager all I could face was fear. I couldn’t think to plan to my future whatwork I could have or a future family I could raise. Looking behind me my biggestfear was to face people .

but nothing is impossible. I defeated my fear withthe help of public speaking. My first stage my first words I started seeingsuccess, bravery, and creativity when I decided to improve my communicationskills. I believed that this step changed my entire life to a new definite sociallife. Peak is all I want to achieve and I knew that I had achieved It by beinga civil engineer after all the pain I had.

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I am pleased to tell you son thatbehind all the pain , all the obstacles I have been through and all the tears Idropped I made my self an undefeatable monster. A monster who is full of selfconfidence, strength and energy. Throughout all the struggles that I haveencountered I never lost positive vibes or my smile. I am very thankful also tomy family that surrounded me with love , support and never let me feel that I nothing.

Remember son that love is a very important thing so you should love yourselffirst and believe that nothing is important then love people around you. You’vehere, I am so excited to finally meet you! I have been waiting for you 9 longmonths – filled with hundred trips, visiting doctor’s office checking how goodis you. And now that you’ve here , I get to touch you, holding you in my armsand nuzzling your sweet smelling head, love you and gaze into your beautiful eyes.I’m so looking forward to spending hours together with you, from cuddling you,changing you, helping you to learn how to walk and skate, taking you to yourfirst games, answering all your questions as each year passes, guiding you allalong the way. I can’t wait to encourage you, tell you that you are the mostamazing person in the world. However, you can do anything or be anything youwant.

I’ll be right there for you first diaper change , first bump, and bruiseor scraped knee. As you take first steps that first word (even if it’s mama),that first day of school, your first award and the hundreds that will follow. Helpingyou learn to drive and buy that first car. I’ll be there as you graduate, andon your wedding day, and as you hold your first born. But most of all, justenjoy life together being father and a son going together all over the world. Havingour bad and good moments together hand to hand without leaving each otherregarding stupid things.

And we wouldn’t let anybody to separate us from eachother . because son you are my soul, my life, my sunshine and without you I amnothing. Your mom and I will be always there for you,with love devotion , I willfight and strive to give you the best amazing life that you deserve  your mother and I will give you our lastbreaths as you after several days will breath your first breath into our lives.Just wait to see your mother’s eyes and everything is written in them. And youwill know that she will be your perfect mommy giving you all the love you need.I confess that I am not a very emotional person, but you, my dear son,have carved a place inside my heart just for you.

I have to mention anadvice to you son . life is like a piano. It has a white days full ofjoyfulness and happiness and it has dark days full of fear and pain. But youhave to play with both black and white bars facing  them together to give this life a symphony! If you only knew howproud I am of you.

You have already given me joys way beyond my deserving. Tosee you go off in the world and learn, work, play, make friends, fills me somuch confidence in your abilities to be a man who will have a meaningful life.I know that’s what you’re also looking for. We will always be there toencourage you.


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