“I husband’s do for the nation? Yes, they

“I wear no ranks on my shoulder but still I’m a part of armed forces.

I wear no uniform, no blue, no green, no white, nothing but still I live in military world. I do not follow any command nor do I get any orders. But my husband is the one who follows it. He serves the nation first and put his life on the line before his family.

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But I wear silent ranks and uniforms and yes even my job is as tough as his”This is a short story of a military wife. Even my mother is one amongst them and my father is still serving in Indian Air Force and I feel proud to be an Air Force brat. I have seen my mom going through joy, pride, tears, hardship, separation, euphoria…and with her, me and my brother have learnt and experienced an incredible journey.

So, how’s the life of the military wives? Do they contribute same as what their husband’s do for the nation? Yes, they do. They stand by their husband’s side and equally contribute as they protect their castle while their other half are away on duty and believe me it is a full-time job. They have their own ‘unique tribe’ who travels all over the country with their debonair husband and which may entice others but only they know the pain and gain of it.

Loading and unloading the household stuff after every 3-4 years, can be really frustrating and annoying. There is a time in the life of military wife when she has to be the man of the house and guard the family because she knows that he is a soldier first and a husband next. There are so many military wives who in fact have sacrificed their career for the sake of being with their husband and children. They learn to live in any kind of situation by being the shadow of their husband even by knowing that his first and foremost love will always be the country.

Yes, their ‘unique tribe’ has its own zest and zeal and an extended family in which his husband’s colleagues are like her brothers and their wives like her soul sisters. She is showered with love and warmth and there is no dearth of help when she wants some. She learns everything from grooming herself to pack their household stuff in a short notice.

She lives in today’s world as she knows tomorrow is always unpredictable. She gets trained at converting ramshackle house into the most beautiful and warm for her family. She gets proficient in every aspect, she can be an electrician or a plumber sometimes.

They learn hospitality and humility by living in such conditions. She is often a member of AWWA (Army Wives Welfare Association) in Army, NWWA(Navy Wives Welfare Association) in Navy and AFWWA (Air Force Wives Welfare Association) in Air Force and provide assistance to the wife of a soldier. I believe a pair of a Braveheart (military wife) and a soldier is indeed the best pair in the world. This Republic Day I want to salute all the valiant soldiers wives as behind every soldier, there is a fearless and supporting wife.


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