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I chose Barbados because this seems like a fun place to visit and experience experiences like no other. Barbados is Rihanna’s one of many singers that I enjoy birth place. Barbados has always seemed interesting because I’ve always loved the look of the Caribbean life from the accents to the way they dress and many more things. In the future I would love to visit Barbados the island seems so beautiful and also try some new foods and experience things I’ve never experienced. Another reason why I chose Barbados is because of the always warm climate and me being from Chicago we always get brutal winters so I would probably travel in the winter to experience that warm climate for a while. As well as warm climate I would also love to experience the beautiful pink and white sand beaches because they’ve always look so beautiful in pictures and postcards, why not experience the real thing. Overall Barbados just seems like a great place to go and experience so that’s some of many reasons why I chose Barbados and I hope to soon visit and to help with many problems they may suffer from that we don’t in the U.S. A typical family in the Barbados consists of a single Man or woman with a group of 15 people living in one household. Most of the time Barbadians idealize a house to have a husband, wife, and their children. Those households usually consist of 3 generations of women and sometimes brothers, uncles, and sons. Usually in the Barbados or anywhere in the West Indies sexual activity begins to occur at a young age, Women are often traded for economic support and children. In the household men are usually not home, they are usually with girlfriends or in rum shops that are very popular in the Barbados.Men are also usually in “outside” relationships with women other than their wives. Women on the other hand usually are telling their children how much they have sacrificed for them and how hard they worked to raise them properly. In the Barbados men are very irresponsible and abusive. In due time Barbadian women have received many new opportunities to help them and their children. African-Caribbean families have many different structures but all have the same base and foundation most of the time.The topic I chose for the global challenge in Barbados is Climate Volatility. I chose this topic because climate challenge in the Barbados has had a really big effect on the island. At least one cruiseship has dropped Barbados from its itinerary for the 2017-2018 tourist seasonciting damage to harbors in other islands. Hurricane season is slowly coming to the Caribbean islands they are not personally affecting the Barbados but they are still having an impact on them. The Barbados can really be affected by the climate change and the possibility of hurricanes could really affect the islands.Barbados depends on tourism heavily; it is one of the major income earners and a source of employment for a significant portion of the population. Since tourism is so important and that is most of the main sources of income if there was a lot of weather damage there would be so much loss in the Barbados and in the economy would severely decline. The Barbados needs to work on their emergency plan in case there was a hurricane since they have been in the Caribbean islands. Also Barbados needs to find the political will and earmark resources to implement serious changes to our energy policy and how we prepare to respond to hurricanes. Since Barbadians are pioneers in this field it is an obvious choice for starting an energy program.         Climate Volatility could impact food security because climate change increases the frequency and intensity of some disasters such as droughts, floods and storms. This has an adverse impact on livelihoods and food security. Also Climate-related disasters have the potential to destroy crops, critical infrastructure, and key community assets, therefore deteriorating livelihoods and exacerbating poverty. Climate-related risks affect calorie intake, particularly in areas where chronic food insecurity is already a significant problem. Climate change could also increase the prices of major crops in some regions. For the most vulnerable people, lower agricultural output means lower incomes.         The climatic variability produced by more frequent and intense weather events can upset the stability of individuals’ and government food security strategies, creating fluctuations in food availability, access and utilization. Climate can have a really big effect on food security from the growing of it to the transportation. Weather conditions have a lot to do with handling food and being able to get and receive it especially in a area that’s insecure of it Climate change affects all dimensions of food security and nutrition. So Climate change can affect food security severely. Some solutions to water scarcity could be Recycling water, Improving the sewage system, and improve farming practices could help as well. Recycling water could be good and a resourceful technique to help preserve water in a crisis but on the other hand it may not be very clean in some cases. Improving the sewage system can make a major difference because that would be the paths to clean water and a better water system so that can help over all, and last but not least improving farming techniques could help save water because not wasting so much water could be helpful and using just the right amount for crops and not overdoing it would be helpful and great for preserving the water and natural resources.


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