I in Leviathan. He states that laws

I believe that humans are not naturally bad neither are they naturally good. Humans being fought unnecessary wars, tortured prisoners, raped, murdered. All of that still occurs in today’s society. The world we live in is an essentially bad one. From looking at the world around us and seeing our degeneration, it is to believe that we are naturally good. Although the evolutionary process has civility and humanity in us, we are still naturally evil. 

Thomas Hobbes recognizes the evil nature of humans and paints a picture of it in Leviathan. He states that laws were devised for the purpose of keeping out evil nature. Without them, our base instincts would resurface and would begin supreme. This is why Hobbes was in favor of authoritarian governments, they were necessary to keep us under control. They are needed to protect us from ourselves. Hobbes also states that our true nature arises in times of strife. Self-prevention is one of the most natural of human compulsions and we will do anything to survive. Hobbes asks an interesting question to those who believe that humans are good. He asks that if humans are so benevolent in nature, then why do we lock our doors at night and guard our possessions? You will recognize the evil nature in humans. Those who oppose Hobbes and say that humans are naturally good to become another idealistic opinion. Plato states that love is one of the most natural emotions that humans have, we are naturally good because love itself is good. While love is a very fulfilling emotion that can lead to change within a person, that change is not always for the better. Love has led to wars, murders, and destruction. For Example, Helen of Troy and the iconic war fought over her. Her love for a foreign in prince led to deaths of thousands of soldiers and complete destruction of an empire. Another example is Henry Vlll and his love for Anne Boleyn. He divorced his queen, broke with the Catholic Church, and tore his country apart in order to marry his mistress. Perhaps the most common example of love can change a person are domestic violence case. Love often leads to recklessness, irrationality, important of judgment, and bad behavior as an individual. 

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Thomas Hobbes is an English philosopher that believes all humans are born evil. He thinks that being “civilized” is good and being “savage” is bad. He thinks that civilization is a good thing because you can save us from ourselves. He believes that without civilization it can destroy us and make us corrupted. Jean- Jacques Rousseau was also a philosopher that believes all humans are born good. He believes that civilization is what is making people evil and be corrupted. He feels that without civilization there will be more good people. In the 20th century, the idea “Nature vs. Nature” was believed by some. Nature meaning that we are born with whatever behavior we exhibit, and natural meaning that our culture has the ability to hold us to what we are. There was a fact from scientist Edward O. Wilson and he stated that if the process of nature section has determined out biological functions, the natural selection must have determined the operation of our brains. He is saying that humans are born with whatever nature they possess, he is validation the argument that we are born evil. 

We are born defenseless, therefore we are naturally good because of the innocence we carry as a child. We have no reason to be mean or evil its whats around us that affect what we feel and how we act to one another and as we grow we exposed evil. If we are not mentally strong to know, it is the wrong thing to do. We will eventually be lead to do wrong. We are naturally good, but as time goes on it tends to shrink due to the types of experiences that one has been through and it becomes replaced with band or evil. For example, as children, we go against what our parents tell us to do. We lie to them, and take things behind their backs and run off they tell us to stay put. Even the idea of naturally good doesn’t exist because deep down, we only see things through our own eyes. For example, ever since one is a toddler, there is evilness. A child tries to take your toy away from you and your first reaction is hitting them or telling them something meaningful. I think that people are shaped by society, religion, and other people such as friends/parents. Mencius believed in absolute in destiny through goodness theory, he believes people can become good even if they go down the wrong path. He said “All things are a similarity in term of characteristics. Therefore, question why people suspect that some people will be good and some will be bad. “. To preserve and promote good characteristics of me, Mencius advocated the need to cultivate, train and educate people, especially kings, and his subordinates. Similar to Confucius, the people, especially individuals with a high position in the government of a country. They need “self-improvement” according to society standards to be able to govern their families and countries. 
In conclusion, I think that human is good and evil. I think it all depends on how your being raised as a child. With all these crimes in our country, there are reasons why people do bad things, I think there’s good in all people, is what happens there pastor as a child growing is what corrupted these people. You choose to either be good or bad you aren’t born as one of them. As an infant when you are born you don’t know anything about the outside world so you can’t be one of them. As a child, you only choose to be one of them. When you are born you are both good and evil because they cant really identify you as good or evil since you are only an infant or a child. 


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