I majored in accounting from Central Queensland

I did my 4 years Bachelors fromIQRA University, one of the top ten Universities in all of Pakistan. I majoredin accounting from Central Queensland University (CQU), a university with areputation for excellence in terms of its business programs and it alsofeatures in top 20 universities of Melbourne. My academic experiences influencedupon me the significance of accounting in the modern business world. As I had apassion for accounting, it became cleared to me that the pursuit ofpostgraduate education in accounting, ideally in the Australia, is the nextbest thing in my overall career progress. Many exceptional intellectualsfrom my country have studied overseas to enhance their skills with overseas lecturersand classmates, and this has been contributory to the progress of my country’seconomy.

I hope to follow the trend, widening my global perspective, improving mylanguage skills, and strengthen my knowledge of accounting.  I joinedcouple of organizations after my graduate studies, in which I got valuableexperience. Perhaps the most valuable experience which I got from was ComputerInformation Services as an Accounts Officer. My job responsibilities includes Preparing,examining, and analyzing accounting records, financial statements, assistmanager in preparation of monthly financial reports,calculate ratios and provide management with analysis on forecasted reports.

 Thisexperience proved to be as a learning curve in my career, and I expect that theprofessional experience which I acquired will be very useful when pursuingfurther studies. As theabove shows, I am highly inspired and determined in pursuing my strategic program in Australia. By studying in this program, I hope to extendmy vision and improve my professional skills.

After completion of this program,I plan to return to Pakistan and work for one of the leading multinationalaccounting firms as an accounting and management professional capable ofdealing with a broad range of people, companies, and financial situations.With a master’s degree and strategic & leadership program from Australia, Iwill have an advantage over my competitors in the professional world who willonly have a bachelors from Pakistan. I expect to have a long and skill fullcareer in this field and assist wide range of businesses. In this way, I hopeto progress to the general development of my country’s economy and become anaccounting professional in my field.



I'm Mary!

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