I multi-parameter vital signs with the objective of

I undertook the TPR (Temperature, Pulse, and Respiratory Rate) an assessment of the selected patient in the clinical setting. I promptly updated the patient regarding the requirement of vitals assessment and asked about his well-being and experience in the clinical facility. Indeed, the consistent vital signs’ assessment is necessarily required with the objective of improving patient safety in the clinical unit (Watkins, Whisman, ; Booker, 2016). I ascertained the existence of amicable conditions before attempting to record the vital signs of the selected patient. I felt the requirement of assessing the multi-parameter vital signs with the objective of minimizing patient’s predisposition towards serious adverse events. I tried to undertake patient’s subjective assessment while effectively acquiring the objective data (Toney-Butler ; Whitten, 2018). I attempted to gather substantial information regarding patient’s disease condition, ongoing treatment as well as the associated challenges. I also investigated the patient’s behavior and attitude regarding the disease complications and recommended healthcare interventions. The patient’s response provided several verbal and non-verbal cues that assisted in understanding his overall health status and treatment outcomes. Most importantly, the assessment of patient’s experience in the clinical setting proved highly significant in evaluating his medication compliance and psychosocial outcomes. The patient eventually inquired regarding the pending medication and the number of days left for continuing the medication administration. I believe that the effective configuration of therapeutic communication through TPR assessment helped in recording the significant clinical information and cues that required effective utilization in patient’s healthcare planning.


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