I gradually developed a keen interest in

I gradually developed a keen interest in financial markets.

I loved to analyze financial markets and apply my mathematical skills to the financial world. The analytical work that takes place in finance is huge and intriguing, the financial sector is huge and full of opportunities. It also seemed exciting and more challenging. I always believed that only when we face challenges we work hard and grow, so I always wanted to work in a challenging environment where I could constantly learn and develop new skills while strengthening my existing skills.

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So when I got an opportunity to join Edelweiss Financial Services, Mumbai, India, I immediately took it.During my experience at Edelweiss, I understood the key role that analytics plays in decision making in finance. A trader makes decisions on the basis of his analysis of the data available on the trade history. Today finance companies use Algorithmic Trading Strategies.

I have worked with strategies that involve a systematic analysis of data available from the trade history of a particular stock or index and based on the analysis it places orders on that stock or index for trading. Financial markets are dynamic and ever-changing, winning in these markets would be determined by how effectively the financial organizations can derive value from data. Analytics gives the opportunity to unlock the potential in data and make decisions through reliable factual insight rather than by intuition.Analytics is becoming an increasingly potential area. It is being used in almost every sector.

There is soaring demand for Data Analysts in each sector and hence the job opportunities are huge. Also, it has become a top priority for many organizations and it is a key factor in decision making. A professional with good analytical skills could become a valuable asset for an organization, boosting its business while improving their career. With numerous choices, a wider perspective and ever-increasing demand, this sector seemed to be a wise choice.I can imagine the challenging path ahead of me but I am confident that I will succeed in the field. During my undergraduation and at work, I understood one thing that one’s competence and the ability to learn quickly are most important factors that determine their success in whichever field they might be in. I am confident that with my engineering background and experience will bring forth effective ideas in the discussions held during the course. I will also add to the diversity of the class.

Carnegie Mellon’s Master of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics course will help me learn the necessary tools in Data Analytics. This program would provide me with necessary knowledge and skills to achieve my long-term career goals. The curriculum would be the right fit to feed my learning edges and expose me to wide and vast concepts of the field.

I believe your university could be the hub to accomplish my goals both experimental and theoretical. Your graduate program put together with high-quality coursework and research facilities are at the cutting edge of every sub-field. These factors distinguish your university from the others. I am confident that the education at Carnegie Mellon University will not only help me become a distinguished Data Analyst but also will shape me as a well-balanced individual.

I now look forward to getting admission at Carnegie Mellon University to further my prospects and set the path for my career.


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