I told Caesar not to go because

I told Caesar not to go because i told him I had a feeling that something terrible was about to happen to him.

March 15th or the “ides of March” is when his so called “friends” stabbed him in the back and betrayed him because of his status. I just knew that something was wrong. At that time I didn’t even know that he was killed, but I had a feeling that Brutus and the rest of them had a BIG part in his murder. When I brought this dream up that I had Caesar refused to believe the dream that I had and he told me that no one would ever attack him. I told him to make an excuse that he is sick and unable to leave the house that day. I heard that Decius told him that if he doesn’t go, the senators will make a mockery of him listening to me.

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Caesar still didn’t listen to me and he ended up leaving me to go to work


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