I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2005,
hurricane Katrina uprooted me from home and I moved to central Texas. The
disaster prompted the opportunity for me to enter a new environment and engage
with an entirely new group of peers who came from a multitude of backgrounds
and cultures, vastly different from mine. This was my introduction to a diverse
academic setting, it ultimately enriched my perspective on life, expanded my view
of the world and my way of thinking.

My understanding of the importance of active
community engagement with peers from different cultural, economic and social
backgrounds was deepened during my undergraduate study at Louisiana State
University. As a first generation college student within my family, adjusting
to college life and assimilating was challenging. However, I learned that there
were many minority students from around the globe that faced the same
challenges as I did.  The scope of
academic diversity at LSU, along with scholastic and supportive resources, increased
my self-awareness and social development.

            If I were selected as
a SciMed GRS participant, my potential role and contributions I lend to the
program would be multilayered.  I view my
role as that of a recruiter and motivator. I would actively promote an inclusive
community that focuses on outreach for students that want to study science.  I would reach out to students personally and
encourage them to pursue study in STEM fields at the collegiate level.  My mission would also include the promotion
of creative thinking by linking multiple perspectives from a diverse student
community, while striving to increase knowledge within the field and expanding
skillsets. My ultimate objective would be to extend the diverse community
identity to all of society, so that every unique perspective is considered and
people from all backgrounds participate in global innovation. 


I'm Mary!

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