I time, many changes have been made associated

I am taking the article related to same sex marriage in America. In 26 June, 2015, Supreme Court allowed same sex marriage in all 50 states of America as legal. There was a huge discussion over the same sex marriage and it was banned in America before this. No couple was allowed to do this legally.

Although, it was protested by lots of people but nothing happened. At least on the basis of group discussion among the Supreme Court judges, final decision came out and brought happiness on the face of many same sex couples. Law and society need to be change according to the time. They should not remain same like ancient time where even premarital sex was assumed like crime. People were not free while choosing their sex partner.

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Seeing from perspective of freedom of humanity, every person should have freedom of choosing his sex partner. It is totally based on personal choices and no one can (including government) create issue on the same. If they government is creating laws to oppose such marriages, then it is abolition of the freedom of human. Along with the legal status and changing roles of women, ideas of marriage have also changed along with the time. In earlier time, women were not allowed to talk freely, walk freely and also they were not allowed to choose their life partner of their choice. But that time has passed and Government of America needed to be growing up.

With time, many changes have been made associated with sexual freedom. One of the examples is to give place in society for transgender. They were not supposed a part of society in the ancient time.

 Today, Third gender not only given reputation in society but they are allowed to choose their sex partner. It is injustice if they are not given freedom for choosing their sex partners. The views of society associated with the Lesbians and Gays have changed. They do not behave with them differently.

They are making them a part of society. In fact, government is also aware of their freedom and providing them legal freedom. Every citizen of the country is now free to marry to anyone he like irrespective of the sex he belongs to. It not only fit on the lesbians and gays but also fits for each citizen of the 50 states.

A man can marry to another man and a woman can marry to another woman. They will not be legally challenged by anyone if they are willing to do so. There are still some people with traditional thinking and make differentiation with such people but court’s order will fulfill this gap and soon they will also realized that it is completely their choice to choose their sex and life partner. No one else can interfere in their decision and if anyone is doing so, he can be punished legally. 


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