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I decided to write a letter from Manolin to Santiago to alerthim that he will not accompany him on his upcoming tripand pour out his emotions towards the old man, and to demonstrate his tireless trust and belief towards the trip that Santiago will take. I will depict how Manolin has perpetual conviction and confidence in his tutor’s capabilities as a well-skilled fisherman.  Manolin is a disciple fisherman who follows and shadowsa skilled fisherman called Santiago. For the duration of the time they spent together, Manolin turns out to befascinated with Santiago’s character, and their relationship prospers into a father-child mode.  I have picked this type of writing, which is a letter, since it can feature the attributes of Santiago that handed him into an imperative nearness over Manolin’s life, and to reveal insight into the connection between the two since it assumed a noteworthy part in forming the two characters throughout the novel.  The register I have utilized is formal to match the nature of connection between the two characters, Manolin and Santiago. Powerful words and expressions will be used, in addition to short sentences with to demonstrate the truthfulness of this letter. The tone will be passionate and veritable, demonstrating Manolin’s genuine sentiments oftowards his mentor. Word count: 250 words  TaskDearest Santiago, Santiago, you have reliably been, and consistently will be, the smartest, most fearless and most dedicated man I have ever gotten the honor of knowing. Your magnanimity and kindness towards others has regularly been a characteristic I respected about you, and I plan to channel these qualities into my own life. My dear Santiago, it laments me to need to compose this letter. You’ve been my guide, my dearest companion and my perfect partner at the same time. I’m writing to tragically advise you that I won’t go with you on your forthcoming angling trip, which I so urgently yearned to join. I needed to be close by to encounter the ocean with you and to experience its battles and its exaltations with you.  Conversely, because of my parent’s dissatisfaction, I disappointingly can’t. Try not to give this a chance to debilitate you. I need you to consistently apprehend that I have full confidence in you and in everything for which you remain for. The ocean has been your home and your companion, it has helped you develop into the individual you’re; and I have full conviction that your abilities and perspective will manage you to progress. To me, you’re a good example. Your savvy personality and cherishing heart have consistently had my most noteworthy admirations. I remember all that you made me realize and notice. Santiago, you have shown me extraordinary lessons that I will keep on carrying with me. You raised me on your standards, and showed me all that you knew about the ocean, and that makes me realize how fortunate and lucky I am. I am appreciative for our versatile relationship that rises above past a minor companionship, and despite the fact that I don’t know to what extent this excursion will keep you away, I need you to realize that you will consistently be at the forefront of my thoughts. Santiago, I want you to imagine me by your side in your seconds of disadvantage. On days where you feel alone, think back of the nights we spent together; let these memories of us keep you company. In fact, I believe that the end of this journey will bring great triumph for you, especially in the eyes of all those who doubted you in the first place. People who once mocked you will turn to look up to you, those who had no faith in you will begin to walk in your steps.   Santiago, I need you to envision me close by in your seconds of disadvantage. When you feel alone, recollect evenings we spent together; let these recollections of us stay with you. Indeed, I trust that the termination of this trip will bring splendid victory for you, particularly for each one of the individuals who questioned you earlier. Villagers and fishermen who once ridiculed you will swing to admire you and your triumphs, the individuals who had no confidence in you will start to stroll in your means.  I will be here, sitting waiting with my open arms, toward the finale of your journey. I will be waiting to share your satisfaction, to praise every one of your successes with you. Sincerely, Manolin 


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