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I think that to minimize or to prevent the minority from becoming victims of unscrupulous business practices,would be by banning prepayment penalties that penalize those who pay off or refinance their loans before low “teaser” interest rates end and are replaced by much higher rates. Also requiring escrows for subprime loans, including the cost of taxes and insurance, without which it is easy for lenders to deceive borrowers about the true costs of the loans. Again prohibiting stated income or low documentation loan which makes it easy for mortgage companies to inflate borrowers income, causing them to default later, ans prohibiting the steering of people who qualify for standard loans into subprime loans instead. This has been a problem among minority borrowers. Also providing better protection against fraudulent appraisals, without which many of the predatory loans that have defaulted could not have been made (Farley, 2012)I think That the legal system need to screened or overhauling In the legal system, the minorities and the low income earners have less access or no access to use the system which was designed to serve all citizens. It is stated in the text that the law of United States today provide for equal rights regardless of race, creed, color, sex, or disability, and as practical matter, however, there is serious reason to question whether the judicial system actually operates in that way on a regular day to day basis.

More so there are serious questions about the available and quality of legal representation for those with limited income, and have been disproportionately represented in minority group populations.It is also good to know that the poor people are in many cases ways less even less likely than in the pat past to represents by lawyers when involve in a civil legal disputes. I think that this shows that legal system has a discriminatory practice in the criminal cases base on the race of individual and class. To stop this kind of unfair act or discrimination in our legal system today, i strongly applaud for legal reform that would serve all citizen and not a few and also those in the system that are the brain behind this problems affecting minority groups or ethnicity.

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