I stocks that are constantly making money. IU

I purchased all the big named and well known companies so that my stocks would be more sucessful than others.

Such as walmart, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Google and more big name stocks that are always almost guarenteed to make money over time. Some stocks take a lot longer than others to make you money but they end up being worth it in the long run. I bought 10 to 15 shares in each of my stocks because the stocks i chose are going to make me more money regardless because i chose stocks that are constantly making money. IU think tesla was the only stock that didnt make me that much money at all just because there cars cost so much and not too many people have them or have an interest for them. The method I used for buying my stocks was described earlier I just basically chose the biggest named companies and used those ones nike is a great stock to choose because they constantly have athletes promoting there brand. If you walk into a basketball gym theres a 100 % chance you will see somebody wearing something thats nike brand. I tried to buy stocks through stores that everybody goes to on a weekly basis.

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Also I used companies that have been around for a very long time because if they have been around for a long time that means their business has been progressing and making money ever since they have been established. And i also chose upcoming stocks that are on there way to being very known. During the time we were playing the stock market game i learned that the price of the stock changes a lot and every 5 seconds if not shorter than that. No matter what stock it is it either makes you money or loses you money. You just have to be smart with which ones you buy. Knowing what i know now i wouldn’t change the way i bought my stocks only cause i had a good strategy for my stock buying in the first place. Purchasing stocks and bonds is not the only way to save for retirement because people do it all the time with just a regular job. And thats why you get social security taken out of every check because its saving up for when you can’t work anymore and you can still have money when your old or just want to stop working.

The other alternatives for retirement are just to save money by yourself or like i said before let social security do the job for u or just sign up with aarp or something. After the stock marekt game i dont think it will have any impact on my future because i dont want to have anything to do with any stocks only because they have the highest suicide rate and the job just seems way too stressful. Although if you do everything right you can turn yourself into a millionare. Not too much interest me about the whole stock market thing i mean if it crashes it crashes I know we have things to protect that now but its whatever to be honest like i could care less about it wont be the first time its happened.

It mainly doesnt intrest me because i hate numbers and hate dealing with them im just terrible at math. So im going to use that as my excuse as to why the stock market has nothing to do with me.


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