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I think a leader is a person who helps other people who are around them or in their team to strive for the full potential. This can help people become a lot more confident in themselves and their own abilities. Leadership is used in nearly all the public services like for the police, fire service, the army and the paramedics.

Leadership is used in the police force as officers are told how to handle a range of different situations and are given roles like talking to witnesses or interviewing suspects so that everything can be dealt in a proper way that makes it easier to operate any cases without problems. It is also used in the paramedics as they are taught how to stabilise a person if they are injured and then they go out and use their knowledge and apply to real life situations but they administer the situations in their own way. Leadership is important within the public services because it makes sure the workers aren’t reckless or dangerous to anyone else, for a fire fighter having instructions on what their role is for a job is essential so that they don’t all rush into the burning building.There are roles and skills that a good leader needs to have like effective communications skills, this is what makes a good leader as in the police the police inspector tells the officers what their job will be at any sort of crime scene, and they should explain further if any officers don’t understand, without this then the plice officers may become confused on what certain groups are doing what role. Good leaders should also be knowledgeable, knowing a lot about their job and others, this will help because it means that they can teach other people how to orchestrate different situations. This type of role applies to all the public services as it displays how they can teach other people who are interested in that particular job. Being trustworthy also helps someone to be a good leader as it means they are putting their faith in you and trust that you will be there to support and encourage them. This type of role applies to the Army, Navy and RAF as these public services often have people working teams and without there being trust between each individual and their leader then it could lead to injuries.

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Having a good team with trust means that you can rely on each other no matter what.Within leadership there are different types of styles for on to be like authoritarian, democratic, transactional or laissez-faire. All slightly contrast to each other but they are similar in some ways. An authoritarian leader is someone who is quite strict with how they teach and how they want things to be done within their group. This type of leadership style is also known as autocratic and is usually treated as the ”classic” leadership style.

The leader has control over everthing to do with their group like the decision-making, how the group will perform the tasks, the deadlines of when to finish their tasks and the people within the team have to obey the leaders instructions with no complications. This type of leadership style is effective as it helps young people, who have just started working for the public service, know what to do and when to do it without any difficulties. It is also effective because it helps the team to be more motivated for their jobs and will also help expertly redistribute the public services promptly, this will help improve the public services as a team. The authoritarian style of leadership is used in many different public services like the NHS, doctors and nurses are taught specific ways to deal with different illnesses or problems with people. A specific nurse will shout for other nurses and doctors if a patient is experiencing cardiac arrest and needs immediate attention. The army are also uses an authoritarian way of leadership because they get told what to do and where to be most of the time as well as if the soldiers are fighting overseas in another country and are told to ”get down” then they would have to obey the order otherwise they could get shot. ”It allows us to unlock everyone’s potential to seize winning opportunities”- The Army Leadership Code and Introductory Guide (https://www.

army.mod.uk/media/2698/ac72021_the_army_leadership_code_an_introductory_guide.pdf)Democratic leadership is a bit more flexible than authoritarian leadership because their leader will still be strict but will also give their team members freedom to make their own decisions. However they are still mostly in control of the group and still get to make the final decision, although team input is extremely encouraged. This type of leadership is effective because it strengthens the sense of responsibility the worker will have and they can then apply it to their work in later years. It helps the team members to be to be more productive and organised, which is essential for working in the public service sector.

A democratic leadership is used in hospitals, if a nurse is unsure of how to treat a patient then she will discuss a list of procedures that can help the patient but will ultimately make the final decision on what she wants to do. It is also use in the police force, when they are working on a case the officers will group up and gather ideas from each other and see who will be the best fit of dealing with the case. https://prezi.

com/e7jmmev_yzcj/leadership-styles-in-the-public-services/Transactional leadership is a mix between democratic and authoritarian because while the leader is still very direct on what they want done, they mainly just talk about what is expected of the team members. This leadership also gives out rewards like bonuses in businesses or will give you time off if they feel as though you have done a good job. But they also give punishments if they feel that you could have done a better job.

This encourages the team to work together so that they can receive the rewards, it also gives a way for the leader to gain support from their team. This type of leadership is used in the army, if a soldier does not do they job adequately or refuses to do something then that can cause the whole team to be punished with something like exercise for longer or harder than usual. This shows that they work as a unit. It is also used in any type of public service, if someone wants to train for a new task and needs time off to do that then they can be rewarded with that time off to go do it. https://www.


pdfLaissez-faire leadership is different to all the rest because the leader gives their team freedom to do things how they like after they’ve told them what there doing and what it’s about, it can also be called a ”hands off” or ”free-reign” approach. This gives the team members full responsibility to do how they feel fit, they have control over the decision-making, the deadlines of their work and how they perform the task at hand. This leadership style is effective because if the team is motivated and highly organised then their leader can trust them to do what they like in a situation because they feel they are well-trained. It also encourages them to perform to the best of their abilities as they are given full responsibility, this will make them want to prove themselves to their leader to show that they can perform appropriately and effectively in a situations. This type of leadership is used in the army, their leader can tell them to go set up camp in an appropriate place and then the team will go off and do what they have been told witohut any supervision from the leader.

It is also used in the paramedics because their leader can’t always be with them when they are out on the job, so the paramedics will go to a person who needs medical attention and will handle the situation how they feel is right without the supervision of their team leader. https://sites.google.com/site/publicservicesandleadership/laissez-faire Advantages and Disadvantages of Authoritarian LeadershipMaintains order and disciplines those who aren’t doing as well as they should do or are refusing.

It permits teams to learn efficiently and better, as they are told in detail about everything they need to do for their task.Helps the public service to improve on their time of deployment to different situations, this could help save a life in some cases.Makes sure that the team leaders are well-trained and experienced so they decision-making is made by those best qualified for the job.It cause the team to become reliant become reliant on their team leader.

They will constantly be looking at them for what to do next instead of figuring it out themselves.It causes them to have less responsibility for their actions as their leader is making all the decisions without their input.Can lead to poor performance in a team as the morale may decline because they’re being told what to do and how to do it all the time.Can cause them to be resentful towards their leader and can cause them to not show up for any of the tasks.Advantages and Disadvantages of Democratic LeadershipBecause the team members are able to give their thoughts and opinions on certain topics and tasks it gives them a boost for their self-asteem.It helps them beocome committed to their task and makes them want to persom to the best of their abilities.Communication between the team leader and their team will grow, it will also give them the confidence to perform as a unit in stead of individually.It will increase the loyalty of the team as a whole, members will be able to put their trust in their leader and the leader will be able to put their trust in to their members.Decision-making takes a long period of time and can take up most of the task, it will take away the valuble time needed for any tasks.If the team members are inexperienced or unskilled then it could be ineffective.Some members might not want to be involved in team work, which can cause problems with other people in the group.Lack of communication can cause some suggestions of importance to not be heard by their leader.Advantages and Disadvantages of Transactional LeadershipBecause they are usually rewarded for their good work, people within the team are motivated to work to the best of their abilities.Ensures that routine work, like in the army, are done up to a certain standard as well as efficiently.The leader monitors its teams actions and work, which helps to see if they have done a good job or if their job has been done to a poor standard.


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