I my undergraduate study I was interested

I am Md Helal Hossain, from Bangladesh,Ihave completed a four year bachelor degree in Electrical & ElectronicEngineering from International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh. The medium of instruction of study andexamination was in English and I obtained a CGPA of 3.552 out of 4.000.

                             I am highly interested in thefield of Wireless Communications Engineering. During my undergraduate study Iwas interested in Communication related subjects and took several coursesrelated on Communications which gave me an idea in this field. During my finalyear I did a thesis on “Characterization of the Opto-electronicsproperties of Carbonic thin flims Electrodeposited on Zn Substrates usingCamphoric Methanol Solution”. From my thesis EDSspectroscopy showed that carbon films were deposited on the Zn substrates withcarbon percentage increased in the electrodeposited films with increased ofcamphor.From the measurement of reflectance/absorption of light of the electrodeposited thin films of Zn by UV-VIS-NIR it was found that, the percentage oflight reflected decreases by the increase of camphor percentage and thepercentage of light absorbed increases by the increase of camphor percentage.So it was found that optical reflection and absorption properties are tunablein the process of electrodeposition by camphor incorporation in methanolsolution.

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Therefore, all the circumstancesabove influenced me to involve myself in a higher study in ElectricalEngineering. I therefore, have found Master’s program in WirelessCommunications Engineering and which is suitable for me according to my fieldof interests. A country can be more developedwhen it has more industries.

Bangladesh has a bright future, specially, in thefield of Communication Sector and Textile . But, these textile industries arerunning with old designed machineries and equipment. The Communication machinesand other machineries are also backdated. Moreover, these machines are operatedmanually rather than automatically. Hence, labour cost is high and frequentmaintenance is needed. Therefore, a revolution can be started immediately withthe application of modern design technologies and automation to the machines.This designing can be effective with the application of simulation becausereduces time and costing, and ensures the effectiveness before the design isfetched into the real field. And the automation of machines can be possible bythe application Automation technology.

But, still now, due to lack of knowledgein modern technologies and lack of researches and proper involved personnel,there is no approach to improve this current situation in the textile andagriculture fields. I, therefore, feel strong intention to improve thissituation in my country and highly motivated to do higher study in WirelessCommunications Engineering. Finland is the most well-knownand established country in the latest technologies.

And hence my first choicefor higher study is Finland as I think I can gather knowledge of moderntechnologies and research activities from here. Also easy life style and notuition fees have attracted me to pursue study in Finland. Being one of the largest city inFinland and having the headquarters of severel leading international automobilecompanies, the city is therefore would be a great place to achieve experiencein different technologies which attracts me to study here. Also this master’sprogram is my field of interest and hence I choose the University of Oulu. My main aim is to contribute to developing of my country andpeople through my knowledge.

I think highly the standard quality of study inFinland will help me to reach my goal. Very attractive current research andbeing one of the largest institutions in Finland also claim that I shall bebenefited if I get the opportunity to study in the Universityof Oulu. I am confident to overall opportunity to study in Finlandbroadness my horizon and give me an opportunity to gain world class educationand help me to become an excellent world citizen. I am sure that the knowledgeI shall in receive Wireless CommunicationsEngineering Program will be able to be applied in the future in order tobecome a professional, I would help people and teams to develop their ownpotential, to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.Thank you very much toconsidering my application.


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