I selected pigment can made in laboratories?

I am interested to know about Protein toxicity, DNA transformation, hybrid proteins, bacteria functions , gene formation and basics, protein role in respiration (both plants and animals).I want to know about other things like DNA sequencing, DNA fingerprinting, genome organisation, DNA coding.I know that science field is very hard and diciplinary in any country. So it is good to go in other country and study with scientists. Hence I apply the form.Proteins are polymers-specially polypeptide-formed from sequences if amino acids. So this is good to know how proteins form by amino acids undergoes condensesation reaction in which the amino acids lose one water molecule per reaction in order to one another with a peptide bond.I also want to study that any other forces act on them or not .Transformation DNA is also one of my study subject in molecular biology. Transformation is the genetic alternation of a cell resulting from the direct uptake and incorporation of exogenous genetic material from its surroundings through the cell membrane (s). So can we do various transformations for biological purposes with respective to future problems.For finding various similar question i want to come in your univercityI also interested in studying of bacteria function in transformation of DNA because 80 species of bacteria were known to be capital of transformationof evenly divided between gram positive and gram negative bacteria. This is very good for my studies.Also how does protien toxicity in various organ and causing diseases in human or animal takes place?Protien role in respiration of animal and plants is also attractive subjects for me ,how does the glycolysis and the krebs cycle are basic unitfor respiration.Nature selected pigment can made in laboratories? Also can other system like ETS and oxidative phosphorylation can use other protien for making energy ?There are many reasons for me to apply in your univercity but main reason is to study the life.


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