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I believe that the foundation of individuals and businesses should be integrity. Without integrity, you fail at building rapport on all fronts of your business. Throughout the years I have been employed by different companies and have been astonished to see how individuals can fail at being honest with clients, and employees which resulted in repercussions. The first time I acknowledged the importance of integrity was during a shopping experience while I was in the market for a new wireless provider. During the transaction, the consultant went over plans, devices, and promotions. By the end of the conversation, I was walking out with a new device and accessories that were included with my phone.  A month went by and I received my bill with several added fees that I was unaware of.

 I went back to the store to resolve the issue but instead, the consultant explained that the accessories among other items were added to my bill. I explained to the consultant that during the transaction the specifics of the promotion were not explained thoroughly, and their response to my issue was “you signed for it.” After that interaction, I felt like I was taken advantage of so that the consultant could boost their commission. This experience made me value other interactions where representatives were thorough and honest about all the details; it also served as the event where I realized I would never do the same to another person in my personal or professional life.   As a result of my own experience, I decided that I would work with integrity no matter the task.

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Recently I was reminded of the importance of working with integrity by a client who was having various issues. Prior to my involvement in this case, three other team members had informed the client that the issue was out of our hands. After looking into the case, I realized that the resolution would be a tedious one but, it would be able to get done. Once the issue was resolved the client decided to double their account with us, and I gained a rapport with this client. Hearing how grateful they were to have this longstanding issue resolved refreshed the importance of working with integrity to me.  As has been noted, I believe that integrity is vital in my personal and professional life.  Without integrity, nothing would be able to work properly.

I believe that without integrity we would have no trust in any business, nor would any business be able to succeed. I pride myself in knowing my honesty has played a vital part in my success.


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