I bravely adopted this new ground-breaking technology early-on

I plan to also take references of a report thatanalyzed survey results and a study by (Miltos Kyriakidis, 2015)in his research paperthat investigated ranking of factors like user acceptance, their worries, andwillingness to buy and use partially, highly, and fully automated vehicles. Thereport by (Miltos Kyriakidis, 2015) is particularlyuseful in understanding the correlation between the factors that potentiallyare considered by users while buying a car that has autonomous drivingfeatures. This report ties in well with the report by (Howard & Dai, 2013) because they bothexplore the factors that influence purchasing decisions and what wasexperienced by users who bravely adopted this new ground-breaking technologyearly-on using the methods of survey and interviews.

This also ties in wellwith what I wish to enlist in my paper about the top few concerns thatconsumers across the globe could have and variables that possibly influence andworry consumers from buying these vehicles with autonomous driving capabilities. 

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