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I am applying to study Animal Behaviour because I am fascinated with the rich history and obsession humans have with trying to understand Animal behaviour. My interests in animal behaviour have come from studying Animal Management, the programme covers a wide range of topics which include animal biology, animal health and animal behaviour. The college has tutors that are extremely knowledgeable in many aspects of Animal Management has helped my own understanding of the Animal Industry.  Studying at Shuttleworth College has allowed me to work with a wide range of animals, both domestic and zoological helping me to develop practical skills. The learning environment has allowed me to build confidence when partaking in different practical activities with different species and allowing me to maintain high husbandry and welfare standards when working with them. The college has up to date facilities and environments that ensure that I have specialist knowledge of modern husbandry techniques. Documentaries such Blue Planet and Spy In The Wild programmes have shown me the discovery of animal and their behaviours that have never been studied before, providing exciting information that has broadened my knowledge of animals. The documentaries have shown me how animal behave in their natural habitats and the way in which they interact within their social groups with minimal disturbance from humans. One of the extracurricular activities I had partaken in was the Nation Citizen Service (NCS). I got to do all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities such as archery, hiking and rock climbing. Working in the team I was with, I got the chance to develop skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork and building confidence and had the opportunity to have a social action project in fundraising for guide dogs. NCS was challenging for me as I had to partake in activities such as rock climbing which has helped me get over my fear of heights, this was an important step for me as it meant I had to face my fear.Another challenge was meeting new people, I didn’t have much confidence before I got to NCS, but having to work as a team helped me find my voice and be able to speak my opinion more freely by the time of graduation.I am originally from Lithuania where I grew up in the countryside. I lived there for 7 years where I got to learn the culture and traditions of Lithuania. Being raised in the countryside I got to be around different animals from domestic to livestock and this started my interest in animals. I have been living in the UK for 10 years and when I first came to England I did not understand any of the language, this has helped me appreciate the different teaching methods in other countries. I was delighted that I came to England as it meant that I was able to learn about a different culture and have a different education than what I could have had if I had stayed in Lithuania. The older generation of my family have worked and owned farms which is one of the reasons why I wanted to study something in the animal industry. 


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