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I was one of those kids who knew what they wanted to become as they grow older. I wanted to become an engineer. My first engineering project was on a windmill that I made in 5th grade. I worked on projects like this through middle school. I always liked Math and Physics classes because they require you to think critically to solve the most complex problems. During my high school in India, I wasn’t working on any engineering projects because my school used to focus more on testing rather than learning. I missed working on those projects where I used to apply the techniques and procedures to design the products. But I didn’t get an opportunity to work on engineering projects until I came to America when I was a junior in high school. The biggest challenge that I faced was learning a new language. It took me one or two weeks to get adjusted to this new school environment. But my ELL class improved my English so quickly that my councilor put me in regular English class after a year.


As my English improved I decided to take an engineering class so that I could work on projects that interested me. In that class, I learned the true meaning of being an engineer; to me, engineers are the real heroes of our society because they solve real-world problems so that people can have better lives. In that class, I learned about different engineering fields and we worked on amazing projects. For the first time, I made my own concrete boat which can float on water. We also made electric conductors for chemistry class which glow when they are put into different solutions and it tells you if the solution conducts electricity or not. This was my favorite project that we worked on. Our next project was toys for elementary school kids. We designed toys in CAD, 3D printed them, packed them in boxes and had them shipped to elementary school kids. It was great to be in that class and I learned many skills that I liked.

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As my first year in college, I wasn’t sure what area of engineering interested me, so I decided to give myself some time to explore. I shadowed my uncle, who is an electrician, I worked with him rewiring an electric hair dryer and helped him in solving that problem. We tried different options but when we attached the correct wires and plugged it in, the dryer buzzed and then we knew we fixed it. I enjoyed that experience enough that I wanted to learn more. That’s when I realized electrical engineering interested me the most.


Outside of my academic interests I have also tutored ELL and math students, did community service hours and joined the Trio program which focuses on helping the students who have disabilities, have limited income or who are first from their family to go to college.


Outside of the campus, I like playing badminton and basketball. Every Sunday, I play basketball or badminton near a public park with my friends and playing this sport helps improve my communication and instant decision-making skills. It teaches me how to work in a team, stay organized and helps me to build leadership skills.


It is my dream to become a UW student. Therefore, I have almost completed my pre-requisites for my electrical engineering major. UW Bothell has been highly recommended to me as by a former EE major students because of their small class size which helps to make a better interaction with a teacher. The huge diversity of campus will help me feel comfortable in studying. Another important consideration for me is that it is located in a state with easy transportation and is financially affordable for me than other UW campuses.






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