I grew up in the 90’s .While most

I grew up in the 90’s .While most of my communities that I grew up in reminded me of a melting pot. It ranged from white to black to Hispanic to Asian. But there were certain areas that were predominantly white.I was fortunate to grow up in a family who respected all races and cultures, My parents made sure my siblings and I treated everyone the same. And if I didn’t like somebody who was Hispanic or a minority, it never had anything to do with their ethnicity, and everything to do with how they treated me.

I remember my mother telling my brother to always keep his hands out of his pocket when we would go shopping. At first, I didn’t understand why she would constantly tell him but as I got older I started to understand why. One day I went into the store with my brother, and I notice that there was a white male possibly in his mid 30’s  standing around looking really nervous for some odd reason. Meanwhile the clerk was so busy following my brother and I as we walk through the aisles.

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She made it so obvious that she was following us thinking that we were going to steal. The funny thing about this situation  was the white male that came into the store after we walked in. Stole money out of the cash register and stuffed his pants with several items and ran off. The clerk was so surprised of what had happened , she turned around apologizing to us as she was calling the mall security.

My brother and I didn’t say anything to her. We paid for our items and we left. There was nothing that I could have said or done  to make her feel any less then she hadw already did. That was the first time I have ever experience something like this. I was so hurt why would this person think that we were going to steal . My parents taught us so much better than that.

What was communicated to me by her actions at that time was that white people don’t steal, black people steal, so make sure you follow those blacks around in the store. The fact that our mother had to warn us was mind blowing, why should my mother even have to prepare us for such matter. Growing up I often saw images on TV shows and commercials that depicted white women and white families. Families of other races or cultures weren’t really shown or advertised.  At one point I wanted to be that white model on TV. I felt that they were prettier than me with their long straight hair and pretty blue eyes. I remember buying fake green contacts because I wanted to be just like the white girl on TV.

                                                                                                    It was really apparent but subtle in school while learning about history. Majority of the things we learned in history class were based on white European events and how our country was founded by a white man. Even though racism in the school systems no longer takes the form of segregated schools, white students spitting on black students or Guardsmen with rifles blocking the entrance to a school. White is right existed .In high school we had a counselor, she was really nice and well rounded but she only knew all the names  of all her white students, but barely any of her colored students. I witnessed a teacher calling on students of color only for the easy questions and  asking the white students a more harder questions.

Even though these teachers mean well it was clear that white is right.Now that I’m an adult White is right seems to exist more and more everyday. White people don’t have to live in fear of the police shooting them.  At this point there’s no secret that people of color are targeted and killed by police officers. I believe, some members of white culture like to justify or make some unfeasible  excuse for why the victim deserved it, but they can’t reasonably deny that it’s happening.

These incongruous killings continue because the authorities do little to hold the officers that actually committed these murderous crimes accountable. Even when it does go to trial, it’s automatic for the white juries to understand why an officer might feel threatened by a colored person even if a threat was not being posed.Don’t get me wrong sometimes white people are victims of brutality, too, but at least they can walk around without being targeted by the police specifically for their skin color.

White people detained by police don’t have to second-guess themselves or reconsider reaching into their pockets for their identification card , terrified that police officers will think that they were grabbing for a weapon. It’s communicated everyday on the media. When people of color in the United States reach a certain status in this country, there are plenty of people who will question their accomplishments. Was she admitted to this prestigious school because of affirmative action and not being discriminated against? Was he hired into the office to increase staff diversity? And most likely the underlying mentality is, “There was probably a white person out there that could do the job better and deserves this more.”  I think it’s rare for a white person to be questioned about their credentials. Was she admitted to this prestigious college because her parents can afford to send her to an Ivy league school that offers a variety of extracurricular activities? Was he hired because he’s the former fraternity brother of the CEO ? As long as we are living white will always be right.

Some may disagree but unless they live the life of a person of color then they will never truly know or  understand what it feels like to be an minority in America. 


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