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I am very delighted to write thisletter of recommendation for Mr. Pabolu Praneet, to whom I have had thepleasure of teaching for three of his four years in the graduation. He is themost compelling student I’ve ever worked with during my 15 years of teaching.He was in my freshman and is currently in my Senior Computer class. Over theyears, I have come to know him quite well, as a student, an individual and as aprogrammer.

He is a very intelligent, thoughtful, kind-hearted young man withstrong convictions, hard-working and a genuine love for learning new things andtechnologies.Praneet is a passionateprogrammer even from when he started attending college. The one thing that Ilove most about him is, he always try to implement his newly gained knowledgeembedded with his previous knowledge to produce a decent outcome. He hasperfected in many fields of the computer science like Programming, MachineLearning, Artificial Intelligence, Android and Game Development. When I askedhim, why he has learned these all, his reply was “He loves acquiring knowledgeabout new technologies and how we can use them all together to developsomething new”. His view is to use these technologies as a base and develop anAI technology, when he discussed that with me, I was quite fascinated andthought it was quite interesting, he is currently researching about how thatproject can be done.Developing, for Praneet is notmerely a way to design something and let that execute but a way to developsomething that has not yet done by others.

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Whenever he writes code, he tries toimagine the scene and motto behind why he is developing that and how can thatbe useful. He is a very hard-worker, I remember one thing during his first yearin college, once he came to me and said he has some program going inside hismind and would like to execute that, so was asking for my help, I said him tofigure out for yourself, the next day he came to me and said “Ma’am, thatprogram is done” and showed that to me. I was very happy at that time that Ifound such a zealous student. He doesn’t believe in luck because that has nevergot him anything, he only believes in his hard work, so he tries extra hard insmarter way even without sleep to achieve his goals and ambitions.In addition to programming anddeveloping, he also dedicates his time to complete his academic studies, whichis another thing that I really like about him.

He is currently positioned topin Computer Science and is also the student representative for the wholeComputer Science Department. In class, he pays close attention, to both me andhis classmates, before responding and sharing his own ideas. Additionally, Ihave always been impressed by his openness to constructive criticism when itcomes to his work. While he has great potential as a developer, sometimes heneeds support in developing his ideas. His love for competitive programmingbought him many prizes in the Coding competitions.

He completed a bundle ofcourses and gained vast knowledge. He did numerous projects in Machine Learningand Artificial Intelligence, JAVA, Android and Unity3D some as part of thecourses and others as academic projects. Praneet is adelightful young man and continues to learn to trust himself and embrace his storehouseof inner knowledge.

He is the kind of person who believes he can make adifference – and he will. I will miss him very much when he graduates andleaves our college. 


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