I situation of Irish Catholics before 1800 was

I believe that although the Catholic Emancipation Act was significant in improving the lives of Catholics to a fair extent as it was the base of improving their lives but wasn’t the most significant. I believe that the most significant factor would be the Anglo-Irish treaty shortly followed by the Easter rising. The Anglo-Irish treaty would have helped Ireland to become an independent state.

The situation of Irish Catholics before 1800 was significantly different than it was in 1922.Around 1795 the lieutenant of Ireland thought that the Roman Catholic emancipation should include complete political equality. Violence arose in Ireland from 1795 as the Protestants in Ireland created the Orange safeguard Protestantism in Ireland which could have been used as a catalyst to the violence. Many peasants joined a rising which occurred in May 1798 who had an aim of gaining Catholic Emancipation however, was unsuccessful.One event that would affect the lives of Irish Catholics was the Act of Union in 1801. The main reason for this event to occur was because many Catholics would have thought that this event could then lead to the Catholic Emancipation which all Catholics would have wanted and would then lead to greater freedom.

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A limitation of this event would have been that Irish Catholics would have been controlled by the English and would feel oppressed by them and would want to be liberated. This was a limitation as Irish Catholics would have wanted to be liberated and not being oppressed.  Overall, the act of union in 1801 wasn’t the most significant factor in improving lives of Irish Catholics as if anything it made it worse as they were controlled by England and would have felt powerless however, did lead to the Emancipation Act in 1829 which would have gave them greater freedom.

I believe that the Catholic Emancipation was important in improving the lives of Irish Catholics to a fair extent as it was the starting block for all the other events to occur. The act was passed because it would grant Catholics civil rights also there was great tension in Ireland around the time. The lives of Irish Catholics were terrible as Irish Catholics were treated like slaves and had no chance in succeeding any chance in the future. They were oppressed due to the fact their quality of life would have been low due to their environment where they had to work. It was seen as a symbolic victory for Irish Catholics,’ the first token of national rehabilitation and self-respect obtained by the efforts of the people themselves’. It would mean that Irish Catholics could end up becoming MP’s but couldn’t become a Lord Chancellor.  This can be considered a large success as this would mean that Irish Catholics could hold positions in Parliament of major influence.

Also, the Emancipation showed the strength of Catholic public opinion, which posed a future of change through the opinion of the masses.Irish Catholics were still excluded from the throne. Sectarianism increased following this as Irish Protestants viewed this achievement as purely Catholic. This can be seen as unsuccessful for Irish Catholics as it created a further divide in Ireland. Furthermore, a change in Franchise qualification (from 40 shilling to £10 household suffrage) meant that the Irish electorate was cut to 1/6th of its former size. This gave Irish Catholics a smaller chance to politically contribute.

I believe that the emancipation act was significant in that time as it was the first major event to occur that would have helped the lives of Irish Catholics however, just because it was the first major event it wasn’t the most significant. It was the starting block for improving the lives.


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