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I am pleased to write a few wordsin the form of recommendation for Sumeetkumar Bhatt. He has pursued Bachelor ofMechanical Engineering from Gujarat Power Engineering and Research Institute. Heis one of our excellent students. His curiosity always brought better understandingin subjects. I always found him studying various technologies related to hisfield.During lecture, he always gavehis attention on different topics in particular subject. I taught him “ComputerAided Design” and, “Computer Aided Manufacturing” in 6th and 7th respectively.

During this period I could evaluate him not just as a student but a so as anindividual.I have noticed his awarenessabout in his field as he did project on “Research and Development of MouldFilling Machine”. In this project; he used one of the best engineering software”Siemens NX” to design and simulate the model.He is a sincere and hardworkingstudent. He is adroit at grasping and discerning things which others cannotconceive.

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His maturity, competence and ability to work diligently indicate thathe can perform well even in a highly competitive atmosphere. His clarity of technicalaspects and desire to learn in depth about any subject make him an excellent student.He is target oriented and bears a good moral character. He is dedicated to hiswork and always gave his best in every time. His best quality is that heunderstands the importance of time and values it. His helping and friendlynature makes easier for him to make friends and adjust with people.

He always stays updated withcurrent researches, he refers various journals, handbooks, and technical forums.He had a positive attitude amongst the faculties and other students. He wasalways ready to help his juniors and colleagues in any academic and technicalproblems as well. As a professor, I would rate him amongtop students and strongly convinced that Sumeet is sufficiently prepared forhis proposed study and that he will make significant contribution to yourprogram.

So, I strongly recommend him to pursue his master’s degree at youruniversity. I wish him all the best.


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