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I really enjoyed the watching and hearing about the points that Dr. Ratt talked about in his presentation. I would say my views align up pretty close to the views and thoughts of Dr. Ratt. School counselors work together with teachers, administrators, students and their families each day, justifying what they are doing by collecting data and being that voice or advocate for all student within the school, district, community. If it is determined that the counselor is not getting anywhere and more work is needed they can work closely with our local government to change laws/bills for what is needed at their school. School counselors are leaders and true advocates who can greatly impact students’ academic achievement, ambitions, decisions and future plans. Advocating for the students is what counselors are supposed to do if they are following the ASCA model. Counselor working in the schools are true professionals that can connect students to resources and helping them to apply for college if that is the direction they are wanting to go. School counselors have to be strong advocates for the students they are working with by using their skills they have learned through their training and education that can drive positive changes in school. Advocacy is an important aspect of every school counselor role. The role a school counselor may be a little different depending the setting and environment the counselor works but each counselor is confronted again and again with issues they cannot resolve simply through change within the individuals and students they are working with. Social justice advocacy is a necessary skill that all school counselors need to possess. This will not be easy to do, especially some of the issues we will be faced with as working as a school counselor but it is necessary to learn how to be a good advocate because the students are depending on it. School counselors need to make a concentrated effort at examining how environmental factors can serve as barriers to student learning and try to help them overcome some of the barriers in the school. The unique role that school counselors play in elementary, middle and high schools, combined with their training/education puts them in a position to be that systems change agents within the school and out into the community if given that opportunity.


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