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 I remember browsing through the bookstore shelves and seeing a book cover that reminded me of some recent experiences I was having while meditating.It was a book by Mantak Chia.I bought the book and was hooked.That was back around 1985.I first learned about the Inner Smile back then and have been practicing it everyday since then.And like Sarina Stone says on her instructional video “Its something I always go back to”.I can remember feeling the healing effects of the practice right away in my organs and cells.So simple and so powerful.The idea of actually learning how to communicate with your own organs changed how I looked at my own body and mind connection.Now days after doing the practice for so many years it all seems so obvious.I have a few different styles of the Inner Smile from various sources over the years.They all come back to loving and showing gratitude toward your own body and the parts that make up the temple of the spirit.These days I can really tell when I don’t do the Inner Smile practice daily.I feel less aware overall and more weighed down emotionally.It definitely clears away the negativity and heavy burdensome energy from the system.To paraphrase Lao tsu the Inner Smile “does nothing,yet leaves nothing undone”One of the benefits of the Inner Smile practice is its ability to help us cultivate our Qi.It is an ancient process allowing subtle energy to flow harmoniously in our body and in our life.And what can be easier than just smiling?Can we really practice it as a skill?I have personally witnessed the immediate effects of this practice on those I have shared it with.Besides relaxing open the energy pathways or meridians,it also frees up stuck or frozen energetic patterns that one may have no awareness of.Many studies have been and are being done on the amazing intelligence that the cells of our body possess.If we can learn how to open up, trust and allow our cells and organs to do their job, our healing will be much smoother,faster and complete.We have the ability to heal ourselves at a cellular level if we can learn to love and connect with the spirit within each cell of the organs and whole body.What is also great about the Inner Smile practice is it can be done just about anywhere in almost every situation.Stuck in traffic,standing in the check out line,about to go in for that important meeting or interview.I find it really works well for defusing a potentially harmful exchange between people who having a hard time communicating.The Inner Smile is a gentle tool, but so profoundly subtle it canprobe powerfully into the depths of our unconscious, where few canreach. It can dissolve patterns without struggle, as it does not encourage divisive attitudes (me vs. them) or attempt to “kill” the sick energy. If you attack your problems, they resist even harder.The Inner Smile operates by accepting and opening to the parts of our pain or (harmful, angry behaviors) from within. It awakens our core sense of oneness,and awakens the inner will of our heart. The Inner Smile causes the sick energy to transform in a sudden pleasant way to reshape move or change. By smiling, we are really just freeing the inner will of our stuck energy to become functional and free. The Inner Smile creates a central, positive, open inner mind space in which “self-cultivation” can occur.


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