I interesting the “Growing your Mind” video, especially

I believe mindset is a state ofmind that defines your personality, intelligence, and talent which are basicqualities that you can develop through your own individual efforts. It could bea personal guide to reach your goals or to overcome whatever obstacles lifebrings.

Besides, it can determine you become the person you want to be and accomplishthe things you value.I found really interesting the”Growing your Mind” video, especially how your intelligence can be changed byexercising your brain as a muscle of your body. It got my attention thedifferent images presenting exactly how the human brain develops in childhood,struggling to recognize the world around it. I was not surprised by theperception of people who consider they have a certain amount of intelligenceand talent and nothing can change that.

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I personally think if you were bornwith a specific talent or gift (could be a beautiful voice) and do not putenough dedication and effort to improve these abilities you will not besuccessful in a professional life or in general life speaking, therefore, Iconsider myself a grown mindset.My grown mindset shows up in myprofessional life as a salesman because I need to be on top of my productknowledge if I want to be successful in sales, it requires an excellentcustomer service and be precise in whatever information I am providing to theclients. It does not matter if I have been 1, 2 or 5 years in the same businessif you do not follow the steps and take it seriously you will not beprosperous.

Another example of my grown mindset is me as a student. Since Englishis my second language it demands a lot more preparation and training. (By theway, I also took the survey and I found out I have a growth mindset) Like thevideo says: we must prepare ourselves, and we need to go through times ofadversity and frustration because those are the times we grow the most.I hope to develop more of a grownmindset in this course by participating and sharing my ideas with my classmatesand by completing all the class assignments. I am looking forward to becomingmore fluent in the English language.

I do not see a better way to challenge mybrain that learning to write effectively in a different idiom.Hello class,I would like to introduce myself.My name is Jorge Velazquez, and I am from Cuba. I came to the United States ofAmerica 4 years ago. I was studying Law back in Cuba when I decided to emigrateto this great country.  I would say that I am a friendly, talkative, andeasygoing person who loves going to different places and try new things.

I amalways telling jokes to my workfellows at work trying to make the time theremore pleasant. I guess I am good at communicating with people and sellingvehicles which by the way is what I do for a living so guys if you know anyonewith the necessity of a car please let me know. I guess I must take advantageof this opportunity for advertising myself. My goal in this course is todevelop my writing skill by expanding my horizons to the more challengingmaterial than I typically read, and paying attention to sentence structure,word choice, and how the material flows.

I would like to work as a one of mywriting aspect on the appropriate punctuation, spelling, and an efficient useof quotation and citation.Summarizing I think writing in mylife is going to improve my verbal and writing skills because when I am writingsomething down, I become more careful in choosing the right words. This meansmy writing will be more eloquent, concise, and elegant than my actual speech.Besides is a great mental exercise because unleashes the creativity.


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