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I come from a small island called Langkawi, Malaysia. The community is small and most people know each other. I grew up with lots of outdoor activities with friends with a primary education in a chinese medium school. Therefore, I speak and write mandarin.

My parents are actively involved in social services and I am most of the time part of it. Generally, I am a very simple and hard-working person. I am rather slow sometimes in studies but my attitude and motivation drives me to achieve my goals. I do not judge anyone for their choices and their beliefs. I am also a very flexible individual who loves playing rugby and part of the school rugby team.A close family friend has described me as a young man who doesn’t speak much but observant. In many ways well-mannered, responsible, humble and athletic.

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On the other hand, my friends find me funny and likes to make people laugh in dull moment. In 2015, I took up scuba diving and have met the standards of PADI license, I am very proud of this achievement and have since dived in Maldives and many parts of Malaysian waters. I have also completed the 24 hour race and won first place as a team by accomplishing 350 KM. This was a meaningful race organised by an NGO to bring awareness against modern slavery and I am also proud to be part of this movement. What is important to you and why?I remember during my high school years, I used to wake up at 7:00 AM to go to school and come back at 3:00 PM.

As I grew up becoming a more mature teenager I realise a world-class education is important to me because it will give me the knowledge to do something uniquely better. It will develop me to create opinions and have different points of view in life. Furthermore, a world-class education will provide me a wider accessibility for better employment opportunities with the help of UBC.

Studying abroad can develop my personal growth to be someone better, it will increase my confidence, maturity and to be more curious about things. Moreover, studying abroad will allow me to explore and to discover different cultures and understanding the way of life in Canada. Having a world-class education can provide me an opportunity to make new friends around the world through joining extracurricular activities and societies in the university.

This will definitely benefit me to have a wider span of networking after I graduate. This is important to me because the world is very competitive and to be successful it will an honour to graduate from a top university such as UBC.


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