that is why I think

I love pets. that is why I think we should allow pets for many reasonsall of us should bring pets because then they can be our mini principles because if someone is bullying you and you have your pet they would feel scared to hit you or to insult you. then the everyone in the school will respect each other and in a year or so they would get used too it and never disrespect anyone ever again.

our school can bring dogs to keep the school safe for example if a code red happens or code yellow. the dogs can come and guard the school so us children would not be in danger and scare of all the bad guys or terrorists so we are safe in our school.we can also use them as cameras, for example, we can put wireless cameras on their backs and make them walk around the school to see what are us students doing that we are not supposed to do, for example, running in the hallways or not staying on the right side then bumping into someone on the right side.In conclusion, I think that we should have students and one day we should try how it feels like how to have pets on our side.

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