In sum up, Bailey gives immense confidence

In the autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, the main character Marguerite, is influenced by a great deal of characters including Bailey Jr.

, Momma Henderson, and Mrs. Bertha Flowers. One of the primary induces is her older brother Bailey Jr. Momma or Annie Henderson, the Grandmother, also played an important role for Maya.

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Additionally to those two characters, is Mrs. Flowers, the black aristocrat of Stamps. All in all, these three characters played important roles in the development of Marguerite through her juvenile years. First, Bailey Jr. serves as the most important role in the protagonists’s young life.

In the novel, Maya quickly states, ” I would be the major loser if Bailey turned up dead. For he was all I claimed, if not all I had.” Bailey is on year thet main character’s senior, however, it makes no difference for they both share many of the same interests, such as reading poems and playing games. Maya feels comfortable asking Bailey for advice, and therefore the central character trusts Bailey with all of her honest emotions. To sum up, Bailey gives immense confidence to Marguerite throughout their childhood together.

Second, Annie Henderson influences her granddaughter as an all powerful role model. An example of this behavior is when “Momma”, takes Ritie to a white dentist and demands that he help her. He refuses to help them, therefore, Momma goes inside to speak with him; Ritie imagines this entire milieu where Momma has victory. Ritie is also amazed at how well Momma adjusts to Los Angeles after living all her life in the small town of Stamps, Arkansas. All in all, Momma plays an important role in Ritie’s up-bringing.Another powerful figure in the leading character’s life, is Mrs.

Bertha Flowers, who gained trust from young lady. Mrs. Flowers was the first person to prod her out of her silence after being raped. The aristocrat made Angelou feel proud to be black under any circumstance. Mrs. Flowers loans her some books and assigns her the task of reading them aloud. She also requests that Angelou memorize a poem to recite it aloud. Finally, Mrs.

Bertha Flowers gains the young childs respect by making the child feel important.In conclusion, Marguerite is influenced the most by these three characters: Momma Henderson, Bailey Jr., and Mrs. Bertha Flowers. First, Bailey because he nurtures and builds Maya’s confidence.

Second, Momma Henderson because she raised her throughout most of her childhood. Finally, Mrs. Flowers because she brings back and opens up Maya. All of these people supported young Maya throughout her childhood, and influences the childs personality.


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