The train to her Grandmother’s from her

The autobiography of Maya Angelou from her childhood to her teen years. Starting as a child that is on a train to her Grandmother’s from her mother’s house. On a train with her brother being deported to her Grandmother’s town of stamps. Growing up in a racist town in the south, Maya was a quiet girl with a passion for reading.As later in her life came she was able to move in with her mother and stepfather. That was when the most tramatic part of her life came. Lying in bed on a spring morning her stepfather came in and raped her, which was the first of a couple times.

The last time the stepfather ran away, he was to be caught by the authorities. After being bounced back to her Grandma’s in the little town of stamps. She moved with her mother to California. One of her more defining moments was when she dreamed of being a conductorette. She went to the office to apply for the job, but they refused to see her. So day after day she went back to the office to be turned away day after day, but finally got to see the manager and then was finally hired.

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After recieving the job she had a feeling that she wasn’t a women and then let a boy have sex with her which then made her feel more like a women and made her pregnant. She hid her pregnancy from everyone even her brother bailey who she shared everything with. The end of the book comes with her baby in her arms on the bed.


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