I dreams we had talked about last summer

I know we have never met before, but I have been concerned about you for quite a long time. Who am I? I’m you a
year ago. Do you remember those dreams we had talked about last summer before you went to America? I am like
your parents who are always checking in on your progress, but more than that, I want to give you my blessing and
remind and encourage you to utilize well every minute and opportunity in America. Therefore, you will not feel
regret when you come back to Taiwan.
Has your English improved greatly? I hope the answer will be yes. I understand that you have always envied and
have looked forward to becoming those people whose English is as excellent as their Chinese. You might assume
this is impossible for a foreign student to achieve in one year. However, I do believe you have the potential to be
fluent in English. As long as you keep studying English diligently, one day you will finally speak like a native speaker.
I have heard someone say that if you can beat a native speaker in a quarrel, that means your English is good
enough. No matter if you can do that or not yet— just remember to stay positive and confident about yourself!


I'm Mary!

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