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I agree with Joanna MacKay that people should not have to wait in order to buy an organ. In my opinion, the government should allow the sale of human organs by regulating it. Thousands of Americans suffer from a kidney disorder called end-stage renal disease, so severe that the kidney stop functioning. There are no medical treatments that can cure a failed kidney.

It seems to me that the only possible treatments are dialysis and a kidney transplant. I believe people should not take Dialysis, it’s unpleasant, expensive, and temporary. The dialysis treatment is used as an artificial kidney, by helping to filter the blood of a patient.

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These treatments can last a few hours of a session, and you have to do this several times a week, people who are on dialysis are hooked up to a machine for the rest of their lives. In my mind, people should not go through that. With all that happening, your body starts getting stressed tremendously and causes patients to feel tired and dizzy when trying to move. It keeps the patient from doing any activities. Kidney transplantation is the only way of almost curing someone with an end-stage renal disease.

Today the procedure is safe and simple, with few minor problems, but those needing a kidney has had to wait. Many people have to wait for a kidney transplant and by waiting, people usually die because they get too sick and there too weak to get surgery. With the sale of organs prohibited from almost every country; and none of your families and friends are suitable to donate. The patient is then placed on a deceased donors list, relying on the organs from old people that have died or people who have gotten killed in accidents. The list is endless it seems. It seems to me that thousands of people are waiting just alone in the United States.

Many people look for other solutions by purchasing kidneys from the black market. If you’re willing to pay lots of money, you can buy a new kidney from a living donor. Often it is scheduled by an agent; the entire procedure is carefully planned out . An organ from a deceased body will most likely be old and not good, probably function for as ten years at most. A transplanted living kidney, however, could last a person their whole life. While there may seem to be a shortage of kidneys here in the United States.

In really poor countries, there are many people willing to give a kidney even if there risking their lives. These poor people get one thousand dollars for selling their kidney. The money goes towards food and other necessities. Studies have shown that a person can live a healthy life with only one kidney. Here in America the doctors and nurses are paid for the surgical procedure, the patient receives a new kidney, but the donor receives nothing in return. Men and women get paid for donating sperm and ova, yet we do not pay organ donors. If the sale of organs was legal, people would actually help save lives.

The government could regulate it and closely watch. Instead of not caring, the government should legalize and regulate the sale of human organs, it will save many lives.


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