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I will be writing about ‘what is academic writing?’. Academic writing is a style of writing which is used in short stories and newspaper articles. Academic writing mainly focuses on the facts instead of unclear assumptions. Example of an academic writing is “At university students are expected to write academically.” This sentence is very simple and unclear.

The reader is unable to understand clearly what is being put forward by the writer. However, “At James Cook University students are expected to write academically by using formal language, unclear structure and referencing.” This sentence is much more specific and meaningful. This is giving a better understanding to the reader. Evidence and emotion is put in academic writing. Academic writing is mainly based on a critical judgement of complicated ideas and information than appeal to emotion.

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When writing academically should be based on things that can be seen instead of personal beliefs. Some work may require you to use your individual opinions.There are three aspects a writing can be written in which is first, second and third person. First person writing is when you’re talking about yourself or a group you are a part of for example, “I every so often write in first person in my work.” Second person is when the writer is addressing the reader, and this is usually used for instructions given. An example for this is “You should be careful not to write in second person at university.” Third person takes away the writer a reader from the topic reading about. An example of this can be “It is standard practice at James Cook University for students to written third person.

” Academic language is clear, short and to the point. In academic language you should use only formal language, referenced and supporting evidence. This’ll help you to defend your argument instead of using emotional language or any sort of judgemental words for example “awful, unbelievable or terrible.”  The tone of world should be formal or informal when writing for example you should use more words like ‘polite’ than words like ‘chatty’ which are informal words.Clarity is important in academic writing because if a very formal piece of writing doesn’t mean it is an academic reading. For example, if the reader has to read your writing several times because they can’t understand it they will eventually give up. Which means all the effect you put in the researching and writing will be wasted.

So, it means that it’s best to be clear and to the point in academic writing. This will get your point across to the reader much easier.Academic writing is divided into 4 parts. The first and second part is mainly focused on the key writing skills. On the other hand, the third and fourth part is more organised alphabetically for easy access.

The first part is the writing process for the beginning stage. The beginning stage is of understanding through note-making, paraphrasing and proof-reading. There’s some other features which are used in academic writing in this stage which are abbreviation, italics, foot notes, ends notes.

Abbreviation is when a text is shortened, and used to save space. Italics font is to show titles in text or words from other languages to make it stand out. Foot notes are notes that are made at the bottom of a document which generally indicates references. Notes that are made at the end of an article or a chapter are called ends notes and these a quotation marks which draws attention to a phrase.

 The second stage is the elements of writing which deals with the skills needed for most of the work you will receive at university. For example, this could be for making comparisons, giving examples or describing graphs. In stage when you put forward your argument in a piece of text you’ll need to produce evidence and explain why you think it’s correct or incorrect then you’ll have to also write why the evidence supports your point of view The third part is about the accuracy in writing that gives practice in the areas that students find confusing for example using articles, prepositions and passives. An example for this could be that an examiner is trying to fund every mistake your making and if your making mistake in every other word or sentence it will make it much harder for the reader to understand which means the examiner will mark you downThe fourth part is writing models that gives examples of the types of writing students commonly need, including letters and survey reports as well as essay. There’s two sources which you can get information of are on paper or online.

When you find the suitable source for your topic then you take the key points out of the text.    


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