I in poverty. This course had a team-based

I took SPPH 300 (Working in International Nutrition), taught by Dr. Erica Frank, who focused on the causes of ill health and analyzed the available solutions for those living in poverty. This course had a team-based term project to critically address a particular public health concern and subsequently create an intervention plan. We addressed youth mental health in our local community, with a particular focus on the de-stigmatization of mental illnesses and promotion of mental health awareness among youths. We faced an initial setback of our submission of the intervention proposal, receiving feedback that our intervention was not specific enough.

Each team member gathered more information and then we integrated our different perspectives. I used my strong communication skills to effectively communicate with the team members through emails and messages to ensure we were proactive with our given time frame. Our team, in the end, created an organization called Wealth of Youth Mental Health Organization (WYMHO), where our multi-faceted intervention entailed a youth empowerment event where we presented our interactive presentations on educating the youth on mental health issues and creating social media platforms to allow the youth to readily access key facts and resources regarding youth mental health. As well, my final grade (97%; A+) affirmed to me that I was studying something that truly interests me. I am currently the President of Young Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). However, I started off in this organization as a treasurer during my second year in university.

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I was promoted last year to be the president of this organization from my fellow peer, Shikha Walia, due to my dedication, determination and demonstration of strong communication skills within the team and with greater organizations. Within Young WISE, I am responsible for coordinating the weekly tutoring service for high school females who are struggling in academics. We have worked with the Rick Hansen Foundation and Neil Squire Society to create the Innovation Competition, in which undergraduate students take part of an interactive evening of talks from leading experts in entrepreneurship, health sciences research, and biomedical engineering, and finally, create and present a solution to an access challenge question for people with disabilities. Throughout this year, the challenges of being the president include making sure I’m delegating the tasks to team members, taking responsibility for any conflicts, and not spreading myself too thin.Moreover, I joined my major’s student association as the VP External/Internal Relations Executive. My roles include maintaining good relationships with external organizations for events and partnerships and be the interclub liaison with other clubs in UBC to coordinate big events including the annual Life Sciences Research Night. I had an idea during the winter of 2015 to start an organization with my family, Project Eliminate Homelessness, to supply the homeless in Abbotsford with care kits by fundraising.

We provided more than a hundred care kits and donated over a thousand dollars to an organization that works with the homeless in Abbotsford.  


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