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I believe the goal of the revised/new curriculum is toempower young people with information, as well as to guide them in makinginformed choices. It will play a vital role by taking steps to ensure that kidsmaintain good health(personal) and social welfare.When practiced properly, I think sex-ed programs will go along way.

Thus, it can help in the reduction of teenage pregnancies (comparedto abstinence only programs and or lack of sex-ed), STDs, STIs etc. The curriculumwill reduce the rates at which children use pornography as a learning tool. Their(children/kids) expectations of sex wouldn’t result/be distorted from what theyviewed in porn videos or due to lack of discussion about safe sex. Childrenwill formally be introduced to what consent is, why it is important and when togive it.

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Sex and relationships are not thing we can just “figure out”, thisprogram will aid in making well informed decisions about our health and bodiesas they(children/kids) get older.Personally, I don’t think individual parents should removetheir children from the class discussions, I also do not think some of theseparents took this action because of their personal beliefs (faith, religion,etc.). I say so because, I am sure all parents would like to see their childrento grow up as adults who are sexually healthy. From what I read, some parentstook this action due to lack of communication (all parties involved), as wellas, due to some misunderstandings. Let’s take the Grade1 sex education as anexample; Identifying Body Parts, Senses and Function.

Now without a clear explanationto this, if I was a parent of child in that grade I will be confused. I wouldthink, why are you trying to teach my 5/6-year-old child stuff like this? Arethey going to be touching themselves? All that and many more. And to be honestI do get where some parents are coming from in finding children of that gradeas too young, but they should also know that times are changing, and childrenwill (if not already) be exposed to such topics one way or another. That aside,if time was taken to explain the reason for introducing the topic; To providechildren with the knowledge to communicate clearly and to get help in case ofan injury or abuse…… I think parents will think twice about pulling out theirchildren from the class.


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