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I was gullible and bashful as a kid. My mere existence used to revolve around monkeying around in the playground, on the swings, on the sky etc. I used to bust my elbows and knees all the time and run back home bawling my eyes out.

If you would meet that version of me today, I would be telling you stories about each and every scar. But I had a very good, privileged childhood. Life without worrying about every single thing felt perfect. I was never interested in reading books and my parents never forced them on me either. All I did was play cricket and watch movies. Then sadly, I grew up.

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Playtime was replaced by sitting at home doing homework. Every free time I would get some free time, I would immediately go for TV, videogames or just surfing the internet for random stuff. Books were never really on my mind. Sadly, education was substituted since who had time to sit and study when playing Miniclip games was an option. Its almost as if I had kept my brain in a box far away from the knowledge of the world, a world filled with life changing books.  I was 11 when I went to a library for the first time and its safe to say that my life changed. A dusty old place filled with books to a point where it can be overwhelming.

I ran my hands which were strained and weakened by numerous video games, over different books but I didn’t really know where to start. The books I had read till now where the textbooks given to us by the school. Every time I would start reading those books I would start sweating and my face would turn red because reading something you detest makes you angry. I had no idea what to pick and then my mom gave me Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Initially, I said no to the book because it was massive. I even told my mom, “Do you really think I’m going to read such a big book?” She replied with ” Trust me, it will change your life.” And that’s exactly what happened.

 The title of the first chapter was ‘The Boy Who Lived.’ And that was enough to get me hooked into this magical world. Harry was also a 11 years old boy in the first book and that certainly was a reason why I liked the book. Imagine the sheer joy on my face reading about a story of a boy my age, doing magic and fighting the bad wizard. This instantly became the most exciting thing ever.

 Video games and television had taken a back seat. I used to rush back home from school all tired, sweaty and hungry but the first the I did was open the book at resume my reading. I finished the book in about 15 days and I remember that the first I told my mom after that was “Thank You for giving me this book. Now where is the next one?” She laughed and picked out the next one from the shelf and I was off, back into the magical world of Harry Potter again. Once you have tasted blood, there is no going back.

 JK Rowling has touched a lot of people’s lives through these books. It’s rich in lessons and values. It teaches us to stand up for what is right.

 It’s a series which taught me about love, friendship, bravery, victory of good over evil. My mind which was suffocated in that small box was now slowly coming out of the dark, ready to bask in the sun of knowledge.  What followed were more fiction series, biographies, mysteries and thrillers. I was a completely different person now. The strained hands due to countless hours spent on the internet healed themselves. Now, they were used to turning pages and some occasional paper cuts here and there. I had found purpose in life- To read as much as I can before I become a victim of the inevitable. Now it’s the dusty old, big books that excite me and not the internet speed.

I prefer the quietness of a library over video games. Reading helped me improve my vocabulary and helped me become fluent in English. It helped me communicate easily with others because the more I read about different things, the more things I had to talk about. Daily you interact with different situations, meet different people. Be it your work or pass time.

Your behavior getting guided by great thoughts taught by great authors is the achievement you aspire. I am not sure I am following everything but I am sure I have got big impact to lead my life for the purpose of happiness. I feel the biggest gift you can give someone is a book, just like my mother gave me that Harry Potter book, I would also I like to the same for someone. Everyone should read.  


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