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I grew up watching the Arabic news channels and saw the suffering of the Middle East, images I’ll never forget, videos of the evil that plagues my country, while I sat idly and powerless. This sparked my desire to help people, care for those who need it, and ease the pain of those suffering, as a nurse.English literature developed my ability to think critically and analytically, it improved my essay writing skills and ability to think about other possibilities and different interpretations.

Both English and biology taught me that even small and seemingly insignificant things carry significant meanings and can make the biggest impact, and emphasised the importance of accuracy and attention to detail, an essential skill for a nurse. Both biology and chemistry allow you to apply your knowledge in different contexts, they give you an understanding of not only the subject but also of the world around us. Chemistry improved my problem solving and logical skills, and the practicals enhanced my data collection and analysis skills, an important responsibility in nursing.I participated in the NCS programme and gained key essential skills I can transfer to the nursing profession. The first two weeks helped us become more independent as we learned to live alone.

Upon returning, we completed a community project by raising money to provide an elderly care home a safe outdoor space, as their current garden was engulfed by overgrown plants. Utilising our teamwork and time management skills, in only 4 hours, we transformed the entire garden into an area they can enjoy. Despite our vast differences, we all worked well together and my teamwork skills greatly improved as I became more understanding and accepting. The rare time a difficulty or complication arose, it was easily overcome by communication and motivation.

Those times taught us to be more considerate for others and as a result we grew closer as a team. Putting to use my Arabic language skills, I helped a few Syrian students in school who knew limited English, I would translate, explain and help with reading, writing and grammar. I also accompanied some students in lessons to ensure they understood the information and the tasks.I also frequently tutor a few Iraqi university students and do the same thing for them; in addition to that I’d help develop their terminology, pronunciation, and view their test results and offer ways to improve, all which required patience, empathy and understanding.

I knew that it was challenging for them, so I made sure they were comfortable asking me anything without feeling judged, a favourable quality for a nurse.I am currently taking a gap year and have been looking to gain nursing experience in numerous settings to observe a variety of nursing roles and their respective responsibilities. Gaining this experience, would prepare me for the course and increase my confidence in becoming a successful nurse. I also hope to learn more about myself, my strengths, weaknesses and improvements.

Surrounded by experienced professionals would provide first-hand insight into my chosen profession and the optimal chance to develop as a person.Nursing as a profession is ideal for me because I would be able to apply all my skills and qualities into helping and caring for others. I enjoy the future prospects nursing brings as it is such a broad field and offers many different career pathways. I am aware that nursing is not an easy degree, it can be stressful, very fast paced and pressurised, however I feel my dedication and commitment will ensure that I am a successful candidate.


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