I sharing the earth with human beings.

I have always been interested in raising awareness of environmentally harmful issues going on in my country. Citizens facing the problems have always been pointing out chemical engineers as they are responsible for developing projects and implementing processes which threaten the human health , nature and the health of livestock and wild ones sharing the earth with human beings. Having observed the problems created by chemical engineers with deep sorrow, I consciously decided to be a Green Chemical Engineer when I was in Grade 9 to realise my dreams for a better world. On my journey to heal the World, I jumped on the bandwagon of the green movement starting from my years in Grade 9.

The most striking achievement I had as a Grade 11 student was at an international conference in Italy where I and my peer presented our paper on the elimination of heavy metals from contaminated water. I was full of pride as we were the only high school students along with the professors of different universities and our paper had deserved to be presented there.

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