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I have chosen to be related to the aviation field as I had interest in this area from when I began to have a real hobby. Also, I personally believe that the interests and the skills that I have will allow me to be the ideal person for this field. Western was one of the universities that were my goal for the post-secondary school. I personally dreamed of going into the course of commercial aviation management not just to learn about the management of an airline and airports, but to have a better view of the airline industry. One of the flights that I took to Kenya when I was in Gr 5 introduced me to the aviation industry and gave me the passion for myself of being a pilot. From then, my life was dedicated towards the aviation industry. Airports were like a playground to me.

It was more like a place where it gave me this unexplainable thrill inside my feelings. I began to research the history of the modern jet airplanes and eventually arrived at a point where I started to memorize aircraft names such as il-62s and distinguish between other aircraft. Also, all the flights that were booked as my name were to have numerous of layovers and to board various of planes as well as doing a mileage run. One of the significant work habits that I could be proud is that I have a high sense of responsibility towards what has been given. Personally, I had low confidence and fear when I was taking physics.

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From that moment, I had the feeling that if I do not pass this course, I wasn’t being fully responsible for my decisions. Spending almost all my effort on physics and spending nights of studying gave me the strength and lead me having marks such as 90s. Another work habits that I have is that I am not a delicate person. Recently, I handed an assignment about comparing a novel and reality in English class.

However, because I did not read the instructions carefully, I happened to describe all the details when I only needed to describe one. This lead me having a deduction and this caused a significant drop in my marks. In some occasions, this might seem to be a not so exciting work habit. Instead, I might be one of the people that might be harming the whole working environment in my team. However, instead of being a person who is so obsessed with perfection, I tend to be a person that can work as a glue in human relations. I believe that my studies helped me to go over my limits and prepared me to study in university. My decisions in high school and personal interests encouraged my desire to study towards the field of aviation and management.

I believe that I will be fully successful completing the commercial aviation course and allow my self to achieve my desire to become a pilot.


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