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I grew up ambitious with many targets in my life. It will be just a rude lie if I said that medicine was my dream career path from the beginning, In my early childhood dreams I always wanted to be a mechanical engineer an engineer that can invent breakthrough flying cars . Those ambitious and may be naïve thoughts were my way of expressing how passionate I am about changing people life, create something unique and how strong I believe nothing is impossible If I just believe in myself.However all have changed in a glimpse when I faced a serious crisis in my life. As a swimmer, I had a tough injury in my knee that damaged the external meniscus of right leg.

Words were nowhere enough to describe the amount of pain I felt as not even able to bend my leg. I really thought that my swimming career is going to be over, I used to hear about how famous footballers struggle with such injuries and how significantly such injuries affected their lives.Such problem was determined to be my fate that we all were expecting it is something sorrowful, but Thank god it turned to be the complete opposite. I went through a successful keyhole surgery by one of ASPETAR most specialized and recognized surgeon, I was able to come back normal to swimming in less than six months.What really influenced me the most is the different between the smile my mother was trying to show me all the time hiding her pain and sorrow she felt about me? And the real smile of joy she has when a professional doctor managed to get her son fixed.It was an enlightening moment; I was totally determined to be that one, the person that draws smiles on patients’ families and the one that gives patient the hope getting their live back again , How by going to be a doctor. I do know that career of medicine is not going to be easy at all, I have no of relatives working as professional doctors with their stories and the challenges they faced keep reminding me of this fact.

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May be this is what motivate me more , I consider myself a challenger fond of putting every single effort in learning something challenging , Ready to sacrifice a lot to change life and create such smile on patient faces.Finally why chose Faculty of Medicine in Qatar University for many reasons, the biggest one is that I was born here, So Qatar is my second country and I want to contribute and be influential in it. Qatar university is also well-known for its huge support for its students as I heard from feedbacks of students there, not to mention, of course, the high academic and ranking level Qatar university has.


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