I health, courage, inspiration, ardour and the

I am grateful to many institutions for MMyacknowledgement will never be complete without the special mention of my labmembers Jadveer Singh, Sneha Joshi, Kirti baranwal, Lalit Mohan Dwivedi,Shehala and Surabhi for always being there and bearing with me the good and badtimes during my wonderful days of Ph.D. I would also like to thank Amarnath, thestaff of Chemistry division for his innumerable help.

Primarily,Though, I must thank Dr. Angela Singh, my erstwhile collaborator. She gave me atremendous help in many areas, and more importantly she played a major role invarious aspects of the design and initial implementation of my work. I widen myheartfelt thanks to my lab seniors Dr. Tulika Malviya, Dr.

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Devendra Singh andDr. Preeti Srivastava, their personal and professional support that they haveextended and taught me lab the lab culture and sharing their knowledge thatinfluenced the work and resulted in cooperative joint publications.I gratefullyacknowledge the financial assistance in form of JRF and SRF the fellowshipprogram, University Grants Commission, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

To auspicatewith, I pay my genuflection to GOD, the Trinity to have bestowed upon me goodhealth, courage, inspiration, ardour and the light. After GOD, I express myunfeigned gratitude to my supervisor Prof. Vandana Singh, Department ofchemistry, University of Allahabad who ploughed through several preliminaryversions of my text, making critical suggestions and posing challenging questions.Her expertise, invaluable guidance, constant encouragement, benevolence,understanding, patience and healthy criticism added considerably to myexperience. Without her revenant inspiration, it would not have been possibleto complete this study. Her observations and comments helped me to establishthe overall direction of the research and to move forward with theinvestigation in depth. I thank her for providing me with the opportunity towork with a talented team of researchers.

Writing thisthesis has been captivating and extremely rewarding. It’s my pleasure toacknowledge the roles of several individuals who were conducive to completionof my D. Phil. research.

  I would like tothank a number of people who have contributed to the final result in manydifferent ways.


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