I question to gather non-numerical data and

I found an answer for my research question that young Emirates can focus on rich nutrient foods and it will help them get vitamins, proteins such as vegetables, fruits, lean proteins.

In addition, they should food that contain soluble fiber as it helps to preserve the cholesterol levels such as oats, whole grains and nuts.(Data collection method) My survey questions are close ended question where can be answered by one word only as the multiple choice. I have collected a qualitative question to gather non-numerical data and information.PrimaryConduct a survey about living a healthy lifestyle and conduct it to the Young Emirates.SecondaryIt is a research gathered by others as I have used an article from the websites to have information. Furthermore, the comparison between the questionnaire results and the articles, is that the questionnaire which is if anyone have had any issues because of dieting is similar to CITATION Eat17 l 1033 (Eating Disorders Victoria, 2017) article as the results showed that the respondents had a physical effects of dieting such as headache, losing hair, lack of concentration and weakness and slow heart rates though according to CITATION Eat17 l 1033 (Eating Disorders Victoria, 2017) that dieting causes issues where it can cause headaches, increased desire which leads to over-eating and lack of self-control where they feel confused. In addition, the respondents of being avoiding certain food for having health issues question is similar to the CITATION Cho16 l 1033 (Choose My Plate, 2016) article as both of them showed that eating healthy reduces the diabetes, lowers the blood pressure , reduce the risk of heart disease. But the other respondents of the same question results that they have avoid food for losing weight is different with the CITATION Eat17 l 1033 (Eating Disorders Victoria, 2017) article as people who diets frequently will regain all the loosed weight after few period of time.

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(Findings) The most important and interesting result from the questionnaire that we did , that nowadays people focuses on good nutrition whereas there is some young Emirates does not eat fast food at all which was an interesting result as they lead to have a healthy lifestyle. This result of young Emirates that never eats fast food impacts UAE that the awareness of the fast food will lead to less health issues, obesity decreased(Additional information) Moreover, I would like to write more in the analyze of the questionnaire results as well I would like to change my topic which is diet as I couldn’t find more information while searching for the articles as well I couldn’t know how to write an appropriate questions for the survey.(Recommendation) To be a healthy is important to keep the balanced self, but somehow people forget to eat healthy when they are busy as it is an easy choice for them to get a fast food because it is a faster choice. However, there are many healthy choices that they can have. I would recommend the governments to educate kids about the awareness of being healthy as from this early age they well be able to have a well self-balanced and a healthy lifestyle.

As well, teaching them in an early age will helps to minimize the health issues and they will able to control themselves even when they are adults.Benefits of nutrition:A good nutrition helps young Emirates to lose weight, reduce the risk of heart disease and attack, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of cholesterol and diabetes. CITATION ND16 l 1033 (ChooseMyPlate.gov, 2016)Lack of nutrition:Dieting may be dangerous as it have a negative impact such as dieters will have food cravings, less calcium, stress, less energy, headaches. As well dieting can lead them to lack of control and concentration, have thin hair.

CITATION Placeholder1 l 1033 (eating disorders victoria, 2017)


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