I focusses on the planning and construction of

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for AyushJaiswal. I was his mentor during his internship at Siemens. During this period,he worked directly under my supervision. I assigned him various tasks andprojects and then reviewed his work. We have lots of interns throughout theyear, but few make a lasting impression like Ayush did.The Mobility department of Siemens in India is primarilyinvolved in Railway Electrification, Signalling, Construction and Maintenance.

Our department focusses on theplanning and construction of Metro Rail Systems in several cities across India.During his time at Siemens, Ayush did avariety of work including running design simulation, preparing reports andpresentations and analysing variousfeatures of our current and past Metro projects.The work at our Engineering division involves complexsoftware analysis.

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Ayush showed good caliberfor this type of work. He was easily able to understand how to work on our softwares and then performed various analysesand simulations using those softwares. Healso displayed a good grasp of Officetools such MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint inhis work.

The reports and presentations he made were very good and hisattention to detail was evident. At the same time, he was open to feedback andoften asked if there was any part of his work which could have been better.He was efficient and workedhard to complete his work before time. One such instance was when I gavehim the task of creating cable schedules for 5 metro stations. A task of thismagnitude usually takes interns at least a week to complete. I was impressedwhen he completed the work in just 4 days.

He was very eager to work and learndifferent aspects of our projects and tried to make every day of his tenurewith us count. As soon as he completed one task, he would immediately ask formore work.Throughout his time at Siemens, Ayush was extremely professionaland disciplined. He collaborated effectively with other interns and staffmembers during different tasks. He also possesses good communication skills andis effective at clearly getting his point across. In terms of areas of improvement,I feel that although Ayush is a good team player, he needs to work on hisleadership skills and be assertive. I am confident that Ayush will make a positiveaddition to your school, and the opportunity to study in your school will allowhim to better develop his skills and solidify his potential.

I highly recommendhim to your master’s program without reservations.


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