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I read The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin for this second quarter of Junior year. Whilereading this book, I was most surprised about how much that Benjamin Franklin was interestedin doing as a career.Reading this, it surprised me to find out that Benjamin Franklin had many interests thathe wanted to follow through as for a career. Reading this part of the book, I was upset to readthat what Benjamin Franklin had wanted to pursue, of what he was interested in, one of hisbrothers already had that type of job. It would not have been an issue, I believe if BenjaminFranklin had done the same career, but I believe that he was trying to impress his father intofinding a career to pursue. Also while reading this book, I was surprised by the language thatBenjamin Franklin was using as it was very formal.

As from this book, I gathered that when hewas younger he read a lot of books, and a lot of series, which explains his intelligence. Beforereading this book, I was expecting for the language to not be this formal, but I am glad that it isformal as I will learn more from this.I have found the following quote to be really interesting, “Now imagining it may beequally agreeable to you to know the Circumstances of my Life, many of which you are yetunacquainted with… I sit down to write them for you.” I found this quote interesting as itcorrelates to the thoughts of the writer, and what the writer is trying to get across. Benjamin Franklin,before beginning to write his autobiography, had to build a small, yet imaginative, audience that hebelieves that would want to hear his life story.This quote was quite upsetting to me, but it was a great thing for him to add to his book as itshowed his connection to his parents. “He was a pious and prudent Man, She a discreet and virtuousWoman. Their youngest Son, In filial Regard to their Memory, Places this Stone.

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” For this quote, as statedin the book, he has put this on his parents headstone. I believe that Benjamin Franklin added this to hisparents headstone because it shows a little of worship to their religion. I also believe that the ‘memory’ inthe text refers to the loss of the entire community, not just the loss of the family.”But when I had attained an Acquaintance with the French, Italian and Spanish, I was surpris’d tofind, on looking over a Latin Testament, that I understood so much more of that Language than I hadimagined; which encouraged me to apply myself again to the Study of it, and I met with the moreSuccess, as those preceding Languages had greatly smooth’d my Way.” I found this quote interesting as Iwas learning something new about it. I believe that this quote implies a theory that Benjamin Franklinwas thinking about. Benjamin Franklin’s theory was to learn the least difficult language first, and to buildup from that, as most of the population began with the difficult language of Latin.

I believe that this isreally smart, but yet, to me, it goes against the people who are native to the language that seems to bedifficult for others to larn. If he is implying this, which I do not know for sure, to the population that doesnot speak Latin, then I do believe that his theory would work, to not “over stress” the brain in its learningprocesses.While reading this quote, I did not quite know what to think.

“The Governor treated me withgreat Civility, show’d me his Library, which was a very large one, and we had a good deal ofConversation about Books and Authors. This was the second Governor who had done me the Honor totake Notice of me, which to a poor Boy like me was very pleasing.” For this quote I had gathered thathere, Franklin had demeaned himself, which I am curious on why he did. He demeaned himself by callinghimself a ‘poor boy’. I am curious on why he think that he is a ‘ poor boy’ while he is meeting thegovernor? For Benjamin Franklin it seems that he has completed a goal for talking to the governor as anadult, as he had self-educated himself.


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