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I grew up in Southeast Asia and have worked there extensively in the past five years. My post MBA goal is to work in a Private Equity fund focusing on ASEAN frontier market investments.  More than my homeland, Southeast Asia is where my career passion lies in given its dynamic economy & rich culture. Coming to Fuqua, I am excited to be one representative of Southeast Asia and contribute to the diversity of Fuqua community. I would love to bring Southeast Asia to Fuqua, and bring Fuqua to Southeast Asia on both professional and cultural fronts. Particularly, I look forward to participating in Asia Business Club and Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club and promoting for Fuqua School of Business through USGUIDE network in Vietnam.

In addition, during my time at Fuqua, I would like to create positive impact to the local Durham community through CASE extracurricular programs.Inspired by the guide “Doing business in Vietnam” that my company prepares annually, I am excited to join Asian Business Club to organize a series of “Doing business in ASEAN” sharing sessions conducted by students from Southeast Asia. Each session will cover various aspects such as country profile, economic trends and important culture nuances to conduct business in Southeast Asia.

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For the session about Vietnam, I would like to introduce to my Fuqua fellow classmates about the innovative tech startup ecosystem and M&A activities in Vietnam that I have cultivated through my hands-on experiences pre- MBA. I believe that such kind of sharing sessions will promote peer learning opportunities at Fuqua, enhance cultural awareness and provide valuable information for those who would like to work in ASEAN region. Through Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club at Fuqua, I would like to lead Week-in-Cities trip to ASEAN countries such as Vietnam or Thailand, which is considered Silicon Valley of Southeast Asia. The trip will feature visits to startups and conversations with prominent venture capitalists in the region. Once worked at Topica Edtech Group, I have witnessed the success of Topica Founder Institute, a startup accelerator program that facilitates the development of a startup ecosystem and network of tech entrepreneurs and venture capital investors in Southeast Asia.

The region has recently experienced impressive growth in this space, though tremendous potential remains untapped. I believe that these trips to Southeast Asia will not only offer valuable learning opportunities for Fuqua students who are interested in Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital, but also connect the local high-growth startups and venture funds to our talent pool at Fuqua.During my exchange study to Winona State University in 2011, I actively involved in Cross Culture Outreach Program to promote Vietnamese & ASEAN culture to the local community in Winona. I thoroughly enjoyed that experience. At Fuqua, I would like to initiate several social activities to introduce Southeast Asian unique culture and traditions to the community at Durham. I will work with other Southeast Asian students to organize events such as Southeast Asia food tasting to feature different Southeast Asian cuisines or “Southeast Asia Got Talents Show” to share the traditional folk songs and dances.

Through these events, I want to bring people together through meaningful and cozy events, thereby fostering the value of close-knit community at Fuqua.Through my involvement at USGUIDE, the largest Vietnamese community to support young professional to pursue graduate study in the USA, I have met and talked to many alumni and current students at Fuqua. All of them have been very supportive and willing to help me in my school research and application process. Just like them, as a Fuquan, I will continue to pay it forward to assist other prospective students in pursuing their MBA goals.

Through USGUIDE network & platform, I will promote for Fuqua School of Business and share my MBA experience with Vietnamese students. I would also love to become an Admission Ambassador to reach out to even more international students. Lastly, I look forward to join Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) extracurricular activities.

  In 2013, I volunteered in a business development project for Hoa Ban +, a social enterprise that promotes traditional handicraft products and supports ethnic minority artisans. This was a meaningful experience that brought me with a lot of satisfaction from helping others and nurtured my interest in social impacting activities.  Through CASE i3 Consulting Program at Fuqua, I would like to join a team of students to solve real-life business problems facing social enterprises. In addition, I will participate in Fuqua On Board program as a non-voting board member of a local Durham NGO such as Life Skills Foundation, whereby I can contribute to the development of youths in their transition to adulthood. My past experiences, together with knowledge and skills I’ll gain at Fuqua will serve as a powerful toolkit to help me become a tri-sector leader and create impacts to the community around me.

Engaging in the cross-cultural environment since college time, I have honed my ability to work well with people from different backgrounds. In a diverse environment like Fuqua’s, I will work with my peers to overcome all the challenges of academic endeavors and corporate recruitments, and more importantly, to make the best out of our time at Fuqua, and build a strong Team Fuqua that inspires each other to achieve our highest potential.


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